I am a consciously recovering racist.

rox-lexi-kiss-squareRoxanne Darling,
Haiku, HI.

It’s my personal belief that it’s incredibly challenging to not be racist, regardless of one’s race. Not wanting to be, think, or act racist is not the same as not being racist. So I hereby present myself as a work in progress, as I unplug decades (centuries?) of neurological programming that I no longer support.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …you feel that it’s challenging not to be Racist because that’s your personal experience…being a Racist. It is typical for Whites to attempt to equate Race among all people. To react to Racism and be called a Racist for it is absurd. Whites are the authors of Racism. Racism is a cause and protest or civil confrontation is a RESPONSE to Racism…not Racism itself.

    …whites created this overly Race concentrated culture out of fear and self preservation. If people of color are ambivalent or standoffish or critical of you, what do you expect when there are decades of Cultural indoctrination that creates the Institutionally Racist effect?

    …So What seems like Racism to you can be distrust, return fear and unfamiliarity.
    Stereo typing and profiling works both ways.

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