Cracker? You burnt piece of toast!

Patti Bear
Middletown, DE

This was a exchange when I was in 5th grade, over a call in a kickball game. I know now what I was supposed to call my friend after she called me a cracker but I thought she was making fun of my white face with freckles so I responded with a comparison of her skin. Her response? She laughed so hard she fell down and we remained friends the rest of the school year. This was in 1962 and I was one of two white kids in the class. We moved to the suburbs a couple of years later. My junior high school was all white, but my high school was 50/50. I was the president of the bi-racial committee and vice-president of the student body. Enjoyed both activities and loved high school. Felt more at home in Norview High School.

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