Cute! Where did you get them?

naynaydaydayLauren Higgs,

A woman actually came up to me and asked me this.

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9 Responses to "Cute! Where did you get them?"
  1. [insert clever pun here] says:

    about your own kids though that is really dumb you should have sarcastically said walmart

  2. kiara says:

    I believe that the lady was actually trying to be smart saying that your kids may not look like you. She was basically being ignorant. I would not have respond to such a foolidh type of question!

  3. Kimberly Caraballo says:

    My personal reaction to this race card makes me so upset! How could someone so ignorant say something like this? This is crazy. What we learned in class is that its hard classifying a race due to skin color and physical traits so I feel like the lady in here might have not known how to characterize them. My conclusion for this is that it is rude and since you’re kids didn’t look like u automatically thought of different races.

  4. Elizabeth Cauvin says:

    Lauren, my reaction to you race card is what kind of question is . That lady probably asked that question because they probably don’t look like you. But still I wouldn’t go up to a person and say . Those are children not a pair of shoes you just ordered on shoe dazzle. Shaking my head. From what I learned in History class it’s hard to classify race by skin color. But to conclude what I have to say I think that’s crazy how just walk up to and ask a question like that.

    • barry irving says:

      …it wasn’t innocent…look at the question; “cute, where did you get them from”…that’s as racist as it gets. You have to be hard lined in your thought to see the ignorance that some people express openly. It is meant to bring you down for some reason that is not worth the time!

  5. niaundria stevenson says:

    The fact that someone asked you a question like that was disrespectful. They are not refering to objects they are children. In class we talked about bi racial children. Everyone should be equal bi racial children are humans not products.

  6. Kiyannah says:

    I really feed bad for you in this situation. Alot of people are ignorant and some people need help! You have some beautiful children and its wrong that people are still racsist today.

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