Dad’s stories of south; I’m outraged.

Me-2008Dianne Goodwin Brant,
Cambria, CA.

My Dad used to travel to South Carolina in the late 50s-early 60s. He told me of the segregated bathrooms, water fountains, etc. I cried myself to sleep at the injustice. Things are changing, but not enough to suit me yet.

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16 Responses to "Dad’s stories of south; I’m outraged."
  1. barry irving says:

    ..what are you doing about it? That was yesterday…( decades ago ) we already addressed Jim Crow successfully. What about police brutality? Use of deadly force is a part of the Racial issues in America, but it is also a constitutional Issue.

    …White culture and ethnicity is a false concept that shifts continually depending on how White people need it to hold up White Privilege and majority rule. So called White people are not one ethnic group. They are an amalgamated group with no specific number or format of ethnicities.

    • alternatesteve2 says:

      Yeah…..hate to break this to you, Barry, but collective “white privilege” doesn’t actually exist… least not as a literal phenomenon, anyway…..just ask the Irish & the Italians; they were still shat on by many of the more reactionary sections of WASP society long after they were accepted as “white” by Americans as a whole…..hell, there were a few folks who wouldn’t vote for JFK because he was Irish and Catholic… 1960!

      • barry irving says:

        …collective White privilege is is practiced by those who can and it is wanted by those who are facing the fears of social change. That’s why the huge backlash against immigration which is the Hall Mark of early America and a Multi Cultural America which is the Hall Mark of the global consciousness…now White Americans ( who are not even of the same ethnic history ) think that they can dictate identity to tose who hyphenate their American “NATIONALITY”. PEOPLE TODAY JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND GENEALOGY AND NATIONALITY V.S. ETHNICITY V.S.RACE. THERE LIES THE CONFUSION.

        • barry irving says:

          …I hear you trying to patronize in every comment as if I, a father, husband, veteran educator and advocate am not quite familiar with these things as you. Are you that naive?

          …intelligent discourse or one upmanship…I can do both and I don’t joke around!

        • alternatesteve2 says:


          Such as yourself, it can be asked? I caught you making the claim that every person with black hair has black roots…..which is inaccurate.

          • barry irving says:

            …you are an idiot …you didn’t “catch me” doing anything. You harp on trivial points out of your own confusion and you desire to argue stupidity. You are not capable of analyzing my comment with integrity, because you are not reading what I wrote and then asking questions about what you don’t understand. You just think that you can bring inject your slanted racial, stereotyped view to the picture that I make. give it up…

            …Black Roots?…I know what I meant which are folicles…read up dummy. You must mean ancestry, that’s not what I said. You are the one who said something about Aboriginees with Blonde hair. Grow up. If you can’t properly engage what has obviously set your little pea brain on fire. Then go to Yahoo. You will find those of your ILK there in droves.

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            “You just think that you can bring inject your slanted racial, stereotyped view to the picture that I make”

            Wow. Well, damn, man, that went downhill fast, didn’t it?

          • barry irving says:

            …actually I was on a roll n ..bring / inject came zoom’in out at the same time, but I decided on bring in a flash, but inject got stuck and I forgot to edit. ..

            …um, is it that you can only deal with the energy of my statements one sentence at a time? Like would you need a translator to respond to a whole paragraph?

            …just a thought…um, never mind, probably too much to ask!

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            Um… Jumpin’ all over the place, it seems. You off your meds or something?

          • barry irving says:

            …um, i did warn youz…I did say that I could go there…
            but you wouldn’t stop the nonsense, so I had ta tap datass!

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            Talk about stereotypes……you just sounded like one, Barry.

          • barry irving says:

            …you are quite typical. You start with making off the cuff statements, that have no ground and when you are called on it with solid commentary and facts, all you do is take bits and pieces out of context to try to debunk with ignorant groundless assumption.

            …You didn’t answer a single comment. Just ” that may be true ,but” or “well, that’s not quite accurate, but”…nothing you responded with had any grit…why is that?

            …I suggest that you review your my comments and learn something about history. If that’s too painful, just admit that the tit for tat is really what it’s about for you.

            …Guys like you tend to trivialize Race and especially commentary against Racism…which doesn’t make sense. You have this conspiracy mindset where you assume that every comment has an alterior motive that you can exclaim – “aha!”…caught you!

            …what is that about? In my experience, guys like you are interesting in doing one thing which is to accuse Racism as a defense.

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            “You have this conspiracy mindset where you assume that every comment has
            an alterior motive that you can exclaim – “aha!”…caught you!”

            Do you realize how ironic that is? You have just engaged in that same thinking yourself, Barry! In fact, this isn’t the only time you’ve done that with me, either.

          • barry irving says:

            …OK Mr. Tit for Tat…you are now far past my original responses and comments…why not go back and answer some of the things (in some detail) that I stated?

            …you know, some of the things that are “somewhat true” or “not quite accurate”…or “may be true, but?”

            …think you can do that?..I mean why let me get you off of your diatribe with my commentary?…am I providing that much of an escape from the truth?…You are White, surely you are not going to let an African American trump your sacred White beliefs!

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            “Sacred white beliefs”? Wow, dude. Wow. I mean, either you’re just outright trolling or you are a major Poe…..I dunno which.

            Regardless, though, at this point, perhaps it’s pointless to continue this convo, given some of your past remarks. But at least I can be sure that I have reality and the facts on my side…..yourself, not so much.

            Farewell, Barry. Perhaps one day you’ll gain a better understanding of the issues at hand. But until then, it’s up to you to make that change…..

          • barry irving says:

            …typical…but no problem…you can’t handle it. I understand perfectly…LOL

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