Dad’s white…thought you were Mexican.

Sherley Bedore
Lubbock, TX

Texas Tech grad student. 2013 OTC Symposium. American. I speak very fluent spanish and english. I’m half american(white) and half mexican-descent. Mom was born in Chihuahua state in Mexico. But, I get asked if my dad is my step dad.

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One Response to "Dad’s white…thought you were Mexican."
  1. James Welsh. says:

    Mexican is not a race. It’s a nationality.
    People in Mexico are Mestizo (part Amerindian and part white, probably Spanish white because they colonized Mexico), full Amerindian, or it could be possible all of their family came from Spain so they would be white.
    American is not a race. It’s a Nationality.
    The English created the country. Many have Anglo-Saxon or Briton blood from the English. They brought many Irish slaves with them so there’s some Celtic blood in there. The biggest group of immigrants to the USA from Europe were the Germans so most have Germanic blood.
    Americans can be a pure white race of many different white ethnicities. Many can be from only one ethnic group.
    Less then 5% of white Americans have black blood, so 5% could be considered Mulatto white. The blacks in American are almost all Mulatto as most have 12% European genes, this is because most half breeds look black so they join the black communities
    There are pure Amerindians here and Mestizos as well.
    There are other groups moving here all the time.
    While America is a white country it has large groups of minorities so no one will now what race you are if all they have to go on is American. If you say Mexican one will usually assume you are a Mestizo, but Mexican is still not a race.
    I’m done on this site. Far too many Americans on here don’t know the difference between nationality and race.

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