How could you date someone like him?

Rachel Kroontje
Morris, MN

In the past several months, I almost dated two very nice guys who happened to be African American. To my shock and disgust, I had a very close friend who I would have never thought in a million years to be even slightly racist tell me, “It’s disgusting that you are even thinking about getting together with that n*****.” He said this about both of them. He also said other derogative things about both guys. I was deeply hurt that he would refer to anyone with that term. I never thought that dating someone of a different race would cause such anger in my friend. Like I am still trying to understand what happened, and I still get really upset thinking about it.

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2 Responses to "How could you date someone like him?"
  1. Jen says:

    It sounds as though your friend has a lot of hate towards those of another skin color or bi-racial relationships. Maybe he was brought up that way by his parents, community, society, etc.? Until someone stands up to him to say “that is not appropriate”, he will remain ignorant to the subject. You just need to ask yourself is this the type of friend you want in your life?

  2. Awsome says:

    May be he’s just jealous. He might have a crush on you so he gets upset and says hurtful things without meaning them.

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