Daughter biracial, father pushed us away.

Dawn E Josiah
Landis, NC

My daughter is Hawaiian American. I’m the white part of her, her dad is the Hawaiian part of her. After 25 years of marriage, he pushes us out of his life and returns to his roots. I’m the one that deals with the anger and pain from my daughter because we live in the South and being a Hawaiian American is not recognized. I tell her that no one, including me, can determine her worth. She is a strong woman – she will raise her daughters to be strong women. Her father is the one who loses out, I am the one who is greatly blessed.

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  • gullywumpus

    Bi-racial marriage is a pretty dumb idea to begin with.

    • Jane

      Why do you say that?

      • StringsAttached

        Because he/she is a troll.

        • Jane

          Since he said “idea,” I had hoped he could give a well thought out reason that would surprise me, not some emotional trash. Gracious me.

          • PBL

            I will supply a reason. Homo-Sapiens is a tribal species, and blood is thicker than ink, too.


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