The more denial, the more racism.

Mary Clark
Baltimore, MD

People who feel that the current state of race relations are not that damaging/not that big of a deal/brought on by deserving behavior of minorities need to make conscious efforts to become aware of what perpetuates racism and race division in our society and the very large part that privilege plays in complacency. Never forget that this country was built upon white superiority; the foundations of America rest on a foundation of racism. Work to change that in every situation possible.

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12 Responses to "The more denial, the more racism."
  1. Sad says:

    Hi Mary! You must be a college student, your paragraph sounds like what kids are taught in school today. I think it is very harmful to deny the complicity of race baiters and victimologists in race relations today. It is also harmful to deny the contributions to racism that every race brings to the table. The most harmful thing is to blame whitey for everything. I am not buying that, and when you blame whitey and absolve the rest of the GLOBE for any race issues, even treating people from India, China, and Africa as “aggreived” parties simply because they have a touch more melanin (yet they are global majority people) then you have lost me. Neither I nor my ancestors ever did anything wrong (well, maybe they raped and pillaged across Europe a bit) but do I really have to be blamed because I am pale? This is not logic.

  2. JP says:

    Relying on good will is like basing your life on a lottery win – it might happen, but chances are it won’t.

    Racism in America is synonymous and intrinsic with white people. When they end, so will that form of racism.

    Only thing is, it will/should be replaced with the next Majorities racism, inc. but not limited to racism against white people.

  3. Hadiya says:

    I guess cutting up Africa into inane countries and creating much of the ethnic strife that happens there isn’t a problem. Nor is raping and pillaging across North and South America, and virtually wiping out indigenous populations. Or creating the first racially-based slavery system in the United States. How about the Inquisition and Crusades? White people have contributed a lot, but have also messed up a LOT of people in the process. Being prideful is good. Being ignorant isn’t.

    • PhillyStateCollege says:


    • debinbrooklyn says:

      whites have nothing to apologize for. You can’t ask a dog to apologize for barking. Or ask a bird to apologize for flying. Whites are what they are and do what they do accordingly. If their behavior is destructive to all other non-white peoples, it’s up to those peoples to behave and act towards whites accordingly.

      • Hadiya says:

        That makes no sense.

        Based on your logic, white people are naturally mass-murderers. If white people are naturally like that, then non-whites should eradicate white people. Is that what you’re implying?

    • Harold says:

      Hmm. I don’t know anyone that has done that. Nobody alive anyways. Touch up on your history if your going to make the past actions of the ancestors of a race relevant. Blacks, Asians, and any other race have all committed horrendous acts, as horrible as the actions of the whites you mention, all throughout history at different times.
      If you have white guilt you are ignorant. Considering the crap being taught at Liberal Art and other schools these days, I would say you could possibly be brainwashed as well.

      • Hadiya says:

        Not brainwashed, but speaking the truth. I know black people and Asians have done messed up things too. I’m not white, and I think it is fair that white people should feel something to compensate for all the crap non-whites have to encounter on a regular basis.

        • Harold says:

          That’s a double standard. I could therefore also say that I think it is fair that colored people should feel something to compensated for all the crap whites have to encounter on a regular basis. If you look a little deeper you will see that discrimination against whites is just as prevalent as discrimination against colored, especially in areas dominated by POC.
          You are not speaking any kind of truth. You are speaking from one biased point of view. This kind of thinking does not help race relations in the least. It’s just as bad as the whites discriminating and generalizing blacks. Neither are helpful.

          • Hadiya says:

            What other discrimination against whites besides affirmative action and being distrusted/beat up by POCs happens?

  4. John says:

    The denial that racism against white people happens perpetuates racism because it makes the many white people who have experienced feel like they don’t matter or that POC are more important than them. They will then very likely go on to lead their lives being racist and teaching their children to be racist. Hence the racism continues. Guess whose fault that is? The people who told them that the discrimination they experience doesn’t matter. That is whose fault it is.

    If you want to say that it’s white people’s fault for POC being racist towards them, guess what white people are human to and the same cognitive patterns occur within their minds too.

    You have to work against ALL racism not just racism perpetrated by white people. If you don’t do this, racism will continue.

    You can’t fight racism with racism.

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