“Disagree with Blacks? Automatic racist. Pathetic!!

Gary Knoll
Forth Wayne, IN

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2 Responses to "“Disagree with Blacks? Automatic racist. Pathetic!!"
  1. Benny Falcon says:

    Yes, It seems to disagree is to be racist.  I want response to something that puzzles me.  I seem to agree more with the Asian or Hispanic cultures and behaviors than I do with the Black.  I guess just by labeling each culture makes me racist !  Then even deeper to agree  with one race more than the another !  Then naturally I would give more initial credibility to Asians or Hispanics then I would to the Afro-Americans.  I can see how this make me racist or stereotyping.  However, being white, 52 and a Texas accent means I must overcome the stereotypical “Redneck” label.  I just pray one day we can all get along like we did in Elementary school we saw no colors.

  2. Mark Giovanni Sandore says:

    When the President is a racist, race relations will never advance forward. Obama has provided blacks with excuses again to fail, ostensibly because he knew he was incapable of providing jobs for Americans, period. Mired in incompetence, Obama retreated to racism and the attendant excuses that go with a people that are still struggling despite given every opportunity. 14% of the population yet there is a black president, a black anchor on every national and local network news show, black anchors on every sports show, black billionaires, black CEOs, GM’s and Sr. managers in companies that overlooked whites to appoint blacks to positions of power. 14 people out of every 100 are black, but their numbers are being much more represented in Government and management. Not good enough ? Guess not.

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