Disappointed to find no African DNA.

Kathleen Wieland
Norwich, CT

I’m a 6th generation New Orleanian & a genealogist. My natural-blonde sister & I had always hoped to find something “interesting” in the family tree to explain her incredible tan – as well as some very dark complexions & hair in one of our “purebred German” lines. I got very excited when a distant cousin (another branch of the family) found privateer Pierre Lafitte’s mulatto mistress among her ancestry. Alas, a genealogical analysis of my DNA turned up no African ancestors much closer than “Lucy”! There is only one river, there is only one sea, there is only one race – and it is human.

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2 Responses to "Disappointed to find no African DNA."
  1. Ann says:

    She should try the GENO 2.0 project by National Geographic. I’m Italian and I came up with no African DNA. I burn in the sun. They tested 150,000 genetic markers spread across my genome. They use computers now. They are testing tons of people in Africa to get a clear picture of African ancestry. Northern and Southern Europeans are not all different from each other and Germany is in the middle genetically. All Europeans are three mixes. We all have a percentage of northern European in us, southern and southwest Asian. Finns have some East Asian also. Germans came out as 46% northern European, 36% Mediterranean and 17% Southwest Asian. All of Europe has Southwest Asian in them from when we came from the Caucus mountain area. Even the Finns have southern European in them. At 57%, they have the highest percentage of northern European. We were hunter gathers and farmers that came into Europe and the two mixed a long time ago. Many Germans tan well. Many Italians went into Germany and lived there, as well as Germans living in northern Italy. Italians are up to 30% northern European. I suppose your sister’s southern European ancestry is dominant. She could be part Native America and GENO 2.0 will show that. It’s the biggest study ever and 150,000 markers is something no one has done. Usually they test with less than 30 markers. So, you might still find something. Mine was typical of northern Italy.

  2. Jack Mendelsn says:

    Mine had no chimpanzee either.

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