A divisive dividing line against commonality…

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Summerdale, AL.

To fully understand the reasons why race is such a hot button topic in my opinion,is that one must look at the historical basis that set the foundation for the racial discord in this country and beyond its shores.We will never be able to get beyond race until we are truly able to be honest with one another as to its origins.A remanufactured history is not a true history. A stolen history rewritten is akin to having no history at all.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …knowing your history is your responsibility. It’s there, but you have to invest in it. This country’s early Presidents had 18 being slavers…12 while in office, yet Whites refuse to see the truth of America’s Racist foundation. George Washington had 800 slaves…He lived a lie as a respectable figure when we wouldn’t think so in his case. They say he never told a lie!

  2. AS says:

    This caught my eye because I live in Mobile, AL and work at an art center downtown… I think you would love the art that is being shown now. It is called “History Refused to Die” and the art all screams what you are speaking of. I hope you come by to see it.

    That said… it is not that easy to simply “Invest” in learning more about your history. If slaves were not given any means of communicating their story, how are we to know we ever get an accurate description of the way things were happening?

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