Do you date outside your race?

Toya James
Albuquerque, NM

I am first generation biracial Black/White, aka multiracial like everyone else if you go back far enough.

Also: “Is your father in the military?” inferring why else could you be in Albuquerque.

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6 Responses to "Do you date outside your race?"
  1. Krane says:

    No. I would never do something like that. I could list a million reasons, but in short I want my grandchildren to look like me, not like Whoppi Goldberg or Cesar Chavez. To my knowledge I have no negroid blood, only British, Irish, and Jewish blood, my great great grandmother may have been Cherokee.

    • battim says:

      I married an indonesian girl. My kids look more like me than her. Your understanding of phenotypes in genetic is horrible

      • Krane says:

        Usually darker features are phenotypically dominant. Just look at Obama, he is half African, half European, yet can you tell that he is part White just by looking at him? Probrably not. There isn’t a single half-Black in the world you would mistake for a White person. Some Indonesians have lighter skin than most, so European-Indoneasian mixes may have a light skinned look, but probably still distinct from the typical European.

        • battim says:

          Skin color is only of if hundred of traits that make one look like their larents. Youre obsession with skin color is telling. Just think if you are all wearijg white sheets noone could tell

        • Saraquill says:

          I take it you aren’t acquainted with many people with mixed heritage.

  2. BillyIvory says:

    ” I am always just a stereotype ”
    I’m just a stereotype
    Aww come on
    You know ,you know, you know.
    I’m just a stereotype
    Check out these words
    This ones good to go
    I’m just a stereotype
    5 out of 5 black males are born to fail
    I’m just a stereotype
    Don’t believe the hype?
    Yo check this tale…here we go again
    It’s like this…I just don’t understand
    something about this situation
    Part of a masterplan
    To hold a fella down…To keep a brother back
    Although my skin is bronze…you call me black
    No matter what the situation
    Always on display
    You clutch your purse…lock your doors
    Don’t even make my day
    Don’t even know me
    Can’t imagine what its like
    But you’re a serious threat
    Cause your mind is set
    Why is that B?
    I’m just a stereotype
    They all live in shacks
    And drive Caddillacs
    I’m just a stereotype
    You know what they say
    Once you go black…ain’t no turning back
    I’m just a stereotype
    Destined to become a negative statistic
    I’m just a stereotype
    But wait there round 2…get ballistic
    Creation..straight out of the womb
    I know that in the longrun
    There’s a concrete room
    Waiting for me
    Got my number on it
    Don’t wanna talk about it
    Could never try to flaunt it
    Everyday double standards
    Always obstacles in my way
    If I try to speak up
    First thing that they say
    There they go again
    Why can’t they be content
    After all Obama’s president
    It’s true and I am proud
    Of both him and his spouse
    Bottom line its still the white house
    Has an oval office
    Most powerful man on earth
    Still he’s been called black
    Since his day of birth
    44th president, such class, such style
    But he has admitted
    That he also has been profiled
    So as you sit there complaining
    That this is all hype
    Remember what I told you
    I am always just a stereotype

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