Do you make your own tortillas?

Norma Torres Addis,
Seattle, WA.

The first time I heard this question, I thought it was funny. After hearing it a few times, it made me wonder. If my heritage is Mexican and I don’t know the first thing about making tortillas does that make me less of a Latina? So many times organizations I work with have tried to start the conversations about racism and social justice over ethnic potlucks. While I agree that sharing a meal brings people together, aren’t we more than just the food we eat?

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4 Responses to "Do you make your own tortillas?"
  1. Yet it’s hard to deny that in so many ethnic groups, even generations later, the old recipes and traditions still get handed down. I think of the scandinavian foods around Christmas, the Polish foods around Easter, the latkes during Channukah.

    And then, of course, in my African-American family, there are the Scandinavian Christmas cookies.

  2. Jung Park says:

    If you want to eat foods without any preservatives or other additives, you might like to learn to make things fresh. Do not let these ignorant comments influence what you want to do in life. Next time say, “there is nothing like freshly made tortillas. I wish I have a chance to make it as often as I would like, Do you make your own bread? I want to learn how to make it,: Same thing happened to women’s movement. When I was growing up people used to say, if you want to get ahead, do not bring baked cookies to a meeting. There are a lot of women who say proudly that they do not know how to cook as a result of stereotypical comment. Can we dissect, divorce, or separate a skill set with a gender or race?

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