Doctor asked, “What is your race?”

beau_kiss_momALeslie Lannan,
Cincinnati, OH.

It’s amazing how desperate we are in America to racially categorize our citizens based on how they look. My six words are a reference to a recent doctor’s visit. After discussing my ailments and general health, the doctor had one more question for me. “What is your race?” she asked. I was totally nonplussed; I do not (at least I think) look ambiguous in terms of race – I’m clearly African-American. I asked her if she was curious about my ethnic background, and she said yes. I was able to give her all of the details, since I’ve had DNA testing done for genealogy purposes, but to this day I cannot say what made her ask this question.

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6 Responses to "Doctor asked, “What is your race?”"
  1. White Light says:

    Mainstream science recognizes that race is a biological reality, and it effects health in many ways. It is useful for your doctor to know. One medication, BiDil, was specifically developed for Blacks because traditional medications did not work as well. The mainstream liberalism assures us that race is “just a social construct,” but that is scientifically nonsensical. It isn’t surprising that you aren’t aware of that, I’m sure you were told many times that race shouldn’t_ever_matter, but when it comes to life and death, even liberals will make some allowance for reality.


    • barry irving says:

      …Liberal is an over used and ravaged term. I’m sure that no one EVER told you that or at least you weren’t listening if they did!

      …Race is a social / political constrict because it is used ( like liberal) incorrectly and ignorantly. Race is a biological fact of life, but in a society that was founded on Racial and Class exclusive life / strife, Race as a subject is not understood to be the broad category that it is. It can be Race ( as in original Race Proper )> Ethnicity ( tribe / racial mix ) or nationality ( country of citizenship ) Race the over term is implied to mean color when it actually means face and body type with color as a secondary distinction among White and Black complexions…White / Black ( the color caste Race term ) can mean nationality, Race or ethnicity.

      ..with no pre understanding, there can be no agreement, only endless back and forth miscommunication!

  2. History says:

    Well I have never been ask this question by a doctor. But when I’m taking a survey, for school or something it ask for my race. I just leave blank cause I don’t see what that have to do with this survey. In my African American History class we have been learning about, how racism and stereotype had surface, it very interesting. But it is true that race have to do something with health, my aunt is a nurse and going to school for a higher degree.

  3. eidayya says:

    I can
    relate to that because when I went they asked that same question and they did
    the blood samples.

  4. barry irving says:

    …don’t let it bother you. You can pass for many different nationalities…You are obviously mixed race because of your complexion. That’s what creates the curiosity. I bet if you had six different Racial mixes that you created that feature Black, brown, Tan and White peoples and you laid out each of the trees for two or three generations. You would fool people every one would question the genealogy that you presented.

  5. Leigh Ryan says:

    Well i have never been asked that question but was a little curious as we DNA tested at the same company and you came up as a 3rd to 5th cousin i have no idea who through of course, so i wonder if i went to your Doctor would i get asked the same question.

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