Don’t assume all whites are racist.


I used to work in a public library. Sometimes, if people were too noisy, or were otherwise interfering with other people’s use of the facility, I would have to ask them nicely to stop what they were doing. Frequently, if the other person were non-white, I’d be told, “You’re just picking on me because I’m black.” As a white person, I DEMAND that blacks and other minorities not assume I’m a racist before I even open my mouth. Everybody needs correcting from time to time, and if you don’t listen when I tell you what you need to hear, you are never going to progress as a human being. Also, don’t be surprised if I am less welcoming to other blacks or minorities when they come along after you, either.
Everybody, black and white, loses in this situation.

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36 Responses to "Don’t assume all whites are racist."
  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Also, don’t be surprised if I am less welcoming to other blacks or minorities when they come along after you, either.”

    This is the really problematic sentence here. I’m not unsympathetic to your larger point. It’s difficult to feel lumped in with something you don’t consider yourself to be part of, and to be accused of participating in something you make an effort not to. Unfortunately, part of being white in America is having to make an effort to distinguish yourself from a history and a structure that is, often, fundamentally racist. What you’re doing here is chastising people for prejudging you based on your race, presumably because of their past experience, while defending your decision to treat people less well in the future because of your past and present experiences with people of the same race. No one can make you racist without your consent. Do not consent to treat people less well in the future because of how you are treated today.

  2. Matthew Lieff says:

    Don’t assume that all non-whites assume that all whites are racist.

  3. Mark says:

    Don’t contradict yourself in a post and expect people to respect it. Implicitly presenting a punishment for not succumbing to your demand of not assuming you are racist is simply insensitive!

  4. Heather O. says:

    I agree with you that everyone loses in that sort of situation. However, I think that maybe the sort of reaction that you would get was due to how those people were treated by others in the past due to the color of their skin. I agree that no one should be assumed to be anything, including a racist. It just must be very difficult to have those feelings that everyone hates you. Until the issue disappears from both sides of the coin, none of us can be truly happy.

  5. Lady says:

    .”Also, don’t be surprised if I am less welcoming to other blacks or
    minorities when they come along after you, either.”

    This kind of proves that you are racist. You are asking minorities NOT to do what you yourself are doing – making assumptions based on skin color, rather than the individual.

  6. Tim says:

    All whites ARE in fact Racist.

    • Alessa says:


    • Dracu says:

      Bull Crap, Tim. That’s as bad as someone labeling all Blacks as criminal deviants…or all Mexicans as drug cartel assassins. What an ignorant and baseless remark!

      • JP says:

        Well it’s not because one is a malicious lie everyone commits crime, whereas for at least 400 years the entire US nation was structured around racism run by whites. Imagine an entire country, say Japan being structured around criminality, of course after that they’d have a rep for being criminals. So obviously whites have a rep for being racists.

        • Johnny Vineyard says:

          You must delight in knowing nothing about what you’re saying. Sadly, your comments show me that you aren’t even worth educating on these matters.

          Why don’t you look into racism in Japan. Check out the Ainu, Okinawa, and Ryukyu people. If you don’t want to, kindly stop spewing nonsense into the world.

    • Deter Pinklage says:

      White people invented racism after all.

      • AshleyS says:

        lol. I spent ten minutes composing this epic, grand reply to your comment, only to realize the brilliant sarcasm. There goes my high horse. 🙂

    • English Pedant says:

      What, you know ALL of them, do you?

  7. Dracu says:

    I’ve traveled all over the world…as a civilian and in the U.S. Military. No race has a monopoly on racism, bigotry, hate, or prejudice. And, all of us…regardless of race, ethnicity, or age….are capable of treating others with rudeness and disrespect….and showing the whole world how really arrogant and ignorant we can sometimes be.

    • Alessa says:

      No, when it comes to racism white people have been holding down that #1 spot for ages and are showing no signs of relinquishing it anytime soon.

      • Dracu says:

        At least in the United States, white Anglo Saxon Protestants have been at the top of the hill as far as racism is concerned. I’ll have to agree with that argument, Alessa. However….Most Jews are White and they’ve had a hell of a struggle combating Racisim and genocide for at least two thousand years. Europeans and their colonial cousins in the New World have only made life miserable for Black African slaves for about five hundred years. Not that one type of genocide or slavery was worse for one group than the other. Both Jews AND Black African Slaves suffered, in their respective situations. You have to stop lumping all White people into the same category.

        I would like to bring your attention to the additional historical fact, that neighboring tribes of West African Blacks often assisted the White newcomers to the continent by kidnapping and enslaving their neighbors in the usual competition for profit or revenge.
        And, don’t forget the Arabs, who ravished the East African coasts and inland areas for Black African slaves for years after Great Britain and America prohibited further transport of Black slaves from West Africa.
        One last point, Alessa. Although it might not be fair to label it Racism, how do White Folks stack up against the genocide and ethnic and religious cleansing between, say, the Hutus and Tutsi’s in Rwanda?…or the Muslim terrorists of Boko Haram in Nigeria? Or, the countless other revolts and coup d’etat all over the African continent? I think that White People have given up the number one spot of savage brutality against unarmed and innocent human beings to those greedy and arrogant Black African leaders of armed thugs….many of them children….and religious fanatics. I suppose one cannot label it “Racism” per se. But, does it matter if the killers and victims are the same race? You tell me.

        • A. Bryant says:

          Racist bigot.

          Suppose your hooded friends see all black nations like this –

          Cannibal Warlords of Liberia VICE doc

          We are hip to the cavebeast devil.

          “Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys” by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

          • Dracu says:

            I’mmmmmmm back, “Racist Bigot.” I found out who Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu is…and where he was reared [Chicago]…and his what his educational credentials are. Also know now what his opinions are in regards to the current American Public Education Systems. He has some very valid and interesting points. And, he seems like a very well educated and intelligent human being….which is more than I can say about you, my friend. But….there is always hope…..sometimes.
            The one thing that Dr. Kunjufu did not mention about Black American males…or young men from the other racial and ethnic groups in our public schools was the difficulty many teachers have trying to teach, while one or more smart asses are being disruptive in one or more ways.

            Dr. Kunjufu contends that part of the problem is mixing males and females together in the same high school classrooms. Good point. Maybe Black Males WOULD learn more and be more attentive in class, if there were more male teachers, more single gender classrooms [separation of the boys and girls], and if the Black Males were allowed to learn and advance at their own speed…..and move on to the next level, when they were ready.
            Meanwhile, however, don’t blame the “good” educators who are unsuccessful at teaching Black Males or Black Females, because their classrooms are turned into combat zones by one or more angry, frustrated, showoffs who make it practically impossible for the rest of the students to learn in a quiet, peaceful and harmonious environment.

      • Harley says:

        More stupidity.

      • JP says:

        Well said.

  8. kickinlick says:

    Just cause the majority of the one percent who are rich are white does not mean all white people are rich. Beleive me some rich ass white dude don’t give a fcuk about my poor cracker azz. Just for your info the majority of poor people are white. If u stop blaming whitey for a minute and take a look at history your going to find its the rich holding everyone one down. Who really wants to think when its so easy to blame wbery white face u see.

    • JP says:

      I was going to thumb down then I kept reading.

      What you said is spot on. But the problem is the average cracka – Joe the plumber doesn’t get that. Instead he’d rather get a kick out of racial provocation by wearing a Treyvon halloween outfit.

      • Johnny Vineyard says:

        That’s two times now you’ve generalized white people in extremely derogatory ways. Do you really think the average white person wears Travyon outfits at Halloween?

        This is ignorance at its most offensive.

  9. JP says:

    “…if you don’t listen when I tell you what you need to hear, you are never going to progress as a human being…”

    Haha, this made me laugh. This is the mentality most whites have. Either they truly believe they are above you and must teach as children or they believe their above you and must destroy you. You can’t win.

    Funny people.

  10. CrossEyedJack says:

    Come on, a person knows when they are being looked down at. My experience is black people just want to be treated the same as normal human being, no worst or no better. Don’t act like a White Crusader trying to protect the poor black person. They have dignity and can stand up for themselves. Guess what I’m trying to say is just be yourself. Everyone can see a hater from a mile away. Of course there are going to be bad apples from time to time.

    Me personally I can’t wait until to this isn’t even a conversation and people can just be people.

  11. amander says:

    Ok this goes for all the white people, how many of you white people actually got bothered for your skin color from elementry school to middleschool or highschool…hmmm lets see clearly almost invisible. Now lets check all the other minorities and see if they were any bothered from elementry school to highschool… damn I see a whole lot.. See whats wrong here? Even when white people do not participate in the racism, they won’t do anything about it, just sit there and watch other white kids rant some other kid out because of his skin color and walk away, then continue again the next day. Open your motherfucking eyes kids have an impact on other kids just like we humans do to others so you have to keep a good eye on them or the school should since they spend atleast 8 hrs in school and god knows whats going on there.

    Yes, im aware some of you guys changed and I am thankful that you guys did but are you teaching children to not be bullys at school? And were you guys bullys to other minorities??? things have changed but not enough..
    I can tell because a lot of middle schools/highschools/elementry schools still have these little white only friend groups or cliques around with no other race. This has to change or white people will continue to think that other races are not good enough for them.

    Yes i said white person to indicate your color just like how you guys would to any others. See what i mean??

  12. Sangelia says:

    It would be best that NO one assumes the other person is racist.

  13. Beth O'Reilly says:

    I am a Scottish white girl, I am sick of people thinking that all whites are racists and I am also sick of people saying that because I have said that I am assuming that everyone in other races think that way, which would make me a racist. I am sorry to say not everyone thinks whites are racists but I also am sorry to say a lot of people do. There are a lot of things on the internet saying “white people should stop doing” and I am so offended that you are grouping me together with people who would say or do things like that, I am not an idiot like them.

  14. bigsam5 says:

    All whites are racist. They are born racist. They are raised in a society that grants them racist privileges . Inaction on the part of whites is racist. They don’t want to be called racist because they associate it with ignorance and bad people . It is what it is . You are born into it and have to actively do something to not be . Simply not engaging in blatant racism does not make you any less racist then an overt racist .

  15. Caucasoids playing the Race Card to pretend they are not playing the Race Card.

    What else is one to assume? Institutional Racism makes such an assumption as inevitable as assuming water is wet and fire is hot.

    Here, Whites are demanding a respect for being White (ie, genetically superior) that they have not yet earned (nor scientifically proven), while engaging in the emotional blackmail that if their demands are not met, they will racially-abuse People of Color in future. But, since this is something Whites have been doing for the past 500 years, it will result in no alteration to the White norm: White supremacy and is, thus, an empty threat.

    Are we to infer from this narcissistic demand for respect, which is not grounded in treating People of Color with the same respect or as equals, that women (for example) are to assume that not all men are sexist (despite the existence of institutionalized sexism). That women should have no fear of going out alone at night, since they should do men the courtesy of not assuming they might be rapists?

    The truth is that Whites care desperately about what others think of them because they have no other means of knowing who they are nor of what they could achieve as individuals.

    Clearly, assuming all Whites are racist – until they can prove otherwise – is the safest course of action for any rational Person Of Color – as it would be for any real woman to assume that a man is worth sleeping with only when he has proven his love for her. Otherwise, women would be required to have sex with any man who wanted to get on top of them, since they would then be required to not assume the man only wanted her for a quick poke. Whites make such demands precisely to facilitate such exploitation and to make it appear that the victim is a willing participant.

    In the end, when Whites tell People of Color what to do, what else can it be other than racism? Whites would not stand for People of Color telling Whites what to do, would they?

    • Bunny Lefluf says:

      Caucasoids playing the Race Card to pretend they are not playing the Race Card… Caucasoids??? Clearly, assuming all Whites are racist – until they can prove otherwise – is the safest course of action for any rational Person Of Color -,,, SPOKEN AS A TRUE RACIST.. WHILE TALKING ABOUT OTHER PPL BEING RACIST…

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