Don’t believe in race – just ethnicity.

David Tiffany
Iowa City, IA

I have trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of race. Like dogs, there are differing “breeds,” but we are all human. All fit in a range of physical and mental traits. But we all bleed, breathe and breed.

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  • LJ
  • Validemail

    David, there is simply no excuse for someone to have trouble “wrapping my mind around the concept of race.”  The concept is as old as civilization.  Many books have been written on it, many wise people and scientists have described it in detail.  Instead of remaining stupid or ignorant and exposing yourself as such to the world, I suggest doing whatever it takes to get yourself educated.  RACE is a real thing, David.  Deal with it.

  • Dotsonrox39

    Religion still has work to be done,there are still many auguments about religion.Race has come a long way & will continue to be more open discussions,people are people black is NOT really black & white is not white,yellow not yellow red not red,so the color of ones skin should not matter, the sun changes a lot,My 6 words[skin is skin people are people.]

  • Jeanne Softcheck de Diaz

    Absolutely accurate – science acknowledges this completely.  My college zoology professor was always preaching we are humans, homo sapiens, one species.  I have to hit on the ethnicity part…it makes me crazy that people use ethnic as if it means exotic, weird, black, or people of color.  What the heck is “ethnic food”?  All food is from some ethnicity, be they hamburgers and fries, or samosas.  And “ethnic hair”.  Are you kidding me?  Thanks for bringing this point and letting me take it one step further.  

  • Bobbye

    I don’t believe in race either. Race is just a false way of separating people. Why do some people get to choose which “race” they are, if it’s so “scientific? Native Americans are not considered Native Americans by our government unless they are documented with a tribe. “Mexicans” and “blacks” automatically are considered so, just because they claim to be. If we’re going to do race, it ought to be solely based on DNA. Question: what if you’re half one “race” and half another? What are you? Race is shallow, superficial and false.

    • Krane

      There are shades of color between yellow and green that cannot be classified as either yellow or green. That doesn’t mean yellow is the same color as green.

  • Krane

    I guess you shouldn’t believe in dog breeds either than.


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