Why don’t you date your race?

Colorado Springs, CO.

My mother says she isn’t prejudice, yet she has negative comments towards me dating a white male. I am Native and Alaskan Native and African American.

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5 Responses to "Why don’t you date your race?"
  1. johnharping says:

    There is a lot of bad history.

    Your mother may have a point.

    • KunnyL says:

      No. Her mother does NOT have a point.

      There is no bad history between those two that are dating.
      What people did in the PAST is their problem. The people of today should not be held responsible for what other people did in the past.

      Why are you even on the site? Do you not understand what the post of it is?

      • barry irving says:

        ..White Privilege is a real social factor that gives White people advantages that stem from historical oppression and inequality. Many are beneficiaries of that History, whether they know it or not. So what people did in the past..some of which is still happening today and some of which has just changed form is certainly relevant to today’s people. No one is innocent of History!

    • escabrosa1 . says:

      No, she doesn’t.

    • barry irving says:

      ..she surely does!…it may nor matter, but a parents duty is to teach what they know to be true or perceived…rightness or wrongness is usually a thing that time illustrates eventually!

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