Don’t know any other black people.

Tualatin, OR

It’s been like this forever. My husband is white. My friends are white. My neighbors are white. My coworkers are white. This never used to bother me. But now it does. How does one start to paint their world in color?

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  1. Spooky Action At A Distance says:

    Well, you might have to do something that makes you leave your ‘comfort zone’. I had a friend who went to a black church for a school project (the project was to do something you ordinarily wouldn’t) and he had a great time and met a lot of nice people.
    I think you needn’t worry about making a ‘grand gesture’ or act unnaturally. Surely, there’s a hobby or activity you could indulge in. 
    I’m black and I’m a motorcyclist. I’ve met dozens of people over the last few years that I’ve been riding. Most of these folks have proven to be decent people, even if I don’t know their politics or economic situation. We’re bikers, and that gives us A LOT to talk about.

    Good luck!

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