I dont see color, only you.

Cleveland, OH

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  • AshleyS.

    But the color is part of who they are. By dismissing their color, you are potentially disregarding their heritage, their background, their culture and their family. In my eyes, “colorblindness” isn’t the right tact.

    • javontae eaddy

      So silly….heritage, background, culture and family are not exclusive to skin color…

    • The Mystery Man

      That is extremely rascist and not all black people are bad and as I quote “we are all the same race, the human race. “This isn’t even there fault they grew up there so they act like there parents do. I also feel so sorry for your kids to listen to this. I happen to be black and I am one of the best at my age at the flute in honors classes and have all A’s. Not all black people are the same and god is hating this and is taking it as a sin. You will see the rascist revolution appear


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