I don’t Want to be White

Holly Richmond,
East Lansing, MI.

I uttered this statement of shame at 12. My Dad said “sorry,nothing you can do about it now so live with it”. My Mom said “behave so you give whitey a good name”. I’ve been trying ever since but I still don’t want to be white!!!!!!!

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14 Responses to "I don’t Want to be White"
  1. Brian Jr. says:

    Why would you not want to be part of a race that has done so much for humanity? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being white. You should be proud of your heritage.

    • barry irving says:

      …then why the Hard sell?…LMFAO!

      • Brian Jr. says:

        Why do black people smell?
        So the blind can hate them too

        • barry irving says:

          …what do you get when a slimy snake bangs a slimy snake?

          …brian jr.

          • Brian Jr. says:

            Terrible joke

          • barry irving says:

            ..again…Joke form, but reality sucks!

          • Brian Jr. says:

            You can’t prove a point and you tell bad jokes. No wonder the cops keep shooting you guys.

          • barry irving says:

            …here’s what I proved…

            1. you are a lonely disturbed White Boy
            2. you got up at 7:00 this morning just to get more medicine in the form of insult…I knew you would, that’s why I ran through your stupid commentary. It always works just like that. Trust me. O know, I’m a professional…LOL!

          • barry irving says:

            …shove off fool…it’s been a blast insulting you and your family. I thought you would get the message that you can’t win, but you keep ASKING FOR MORE. I was having fun punishing you, but now it’s getting repetitive. As long as I shut down your Racist diatribe for a couple of days I know that ma’ skills are on point as usual. Got you all out of your Racist Game. That’s the breaks…LMFAO…no more attention for youz!

          • Brian Jr. says:

            You keep making jokes about incest and having sex with animals. You are obviously the disturbed one. You have an obsession with white men. You have an unhealthy fascination with my father. I am sure it was hard going through life as another ghetto bastard, but making bad jokes about my dad isn’t going to change anything. No matter what you say to me, your last name was given to you by a white man, haha. I doubt there are any barry irvings throwing spears at each other in the motherland. Keep cracking your bad jokes barry irving, just remember your last name was given to you by a white man.

  2. bluefission says:

    Lets be truthful.. there are a lot of shameful and destructive things that white people have done around the world and continue to do on a large scale…. White people hurt humanity in many sickening ways. On the same note I know all white people are not bad.

    • Vannesa Yeager says:

      I beg to differ, the white race is not the only race with a “shameful and destructive past”, by far. There is not one single race on this planet with a squeaky clean image as you seem to think. Also to blame one race for the evils of this world and ignore the same kind of horriable history of other races is pure ignorance.

      • bluefission says:

        I never stated that other races were “squeaky clean” those are your words. We have our dirt ..everyone does. The dirt that white people do is on a global scale and it just so happens to out weigh everyone else…by a huge margin. The negative acts of white people encompass the globe… You are speaking to someone who’s great grand mother was a slave.
        Destroyers of the world.

  3. Truth says:

    That’s because you’ve been brainwashed.

    Do some research. Non-whites are racist and want nothing more than to hurt white people. Part of their scheme revolves around demonizing white people. Its all due to how bad white people have hurt their ego/pride so they want revenge. What you must realize is most blacks are racist and have no problems being racist. Probably the same thing with Mexican Americans.

    If you notice youll never hear so called anti-racists address all the horrible crap that goes on in Africa or other countries where non-whites came from.

    Its because they dont really care about right or wrong, they just hate white people and want revenge.

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