Drop the guilt, and become aware

1501822_10154462900220321_4939873404420950301_nDanyahel Norris,
Houston, TX.

When I have a conversation about race or racism with someone white, I tend to get a few common responses. One being the fact that they weren’t even alive for things like slavery and Jim Crow, so they shouldn’t be blamed for it (not that I ever did). Another is the idea that if their family migrated to this country with nothing and made something of themselves, people of color should be able to do the same. Yet another, and one of my personal favorites, is that racism is somehow only a big deal, because it is talked about so much. If I make the point that a large segment of people of color are currently at the bottom of virtually every socioeconomic indicator, many brush it off as an exaggeration.

As a man of color, when I speak on race or racism, it is not for the purpose of making anyone feel guilty or to make myself the proverbal victim. It is for the purpose of making people aware that a problem does still exist and to let them know avoidance of the topic will not solve it. Many people in America are under the impression that since we have a black President and a number of wealthy individuals of color, that we have overcome most of the systematic racism of our country’s past. In reality, there have always been people of color who have faired better than the collective, but that doesn’t discount the fact that most have continued to live at the absolute bottom rung of society.

So, I challenge everyone to drop any guilty feelings and talk candidly about the past and current racial problems of our society, so that we can seek solutions that will allow everyone to move forward.

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  1. Kim Sampia says:

    Thank you for what you said, you said it perfectly. Just moved to Louisiana and RACISM is alive and well and yet if I mention it, people act like I’ve done a crime or somehow it wouldn’t exist if I didn’t bring it up, no it still exist… Bottom line here in Lafayette it’s more than just the racism itself it’s the fact that the economic system is still run by non African Americans in a city that’s 65% African american! So you have an almost all white police force, court system, managers etc etc etc… Not sure how things can change but at least talking about it Does Help!
    Again thank you for your comments. .

    • barry irving says:

      …who’s we?…I would love to hear your justification of why I should drop African American and adopt “just American” when I have to read about, see and fight so much inbred societal racism every day.

      …the truth is that America was founded as a free White society with no plan for people of color to be included in the fabric in any authoritative way. Abraham Lincoln cared nothing for the slaves…he was about the South.

      …George Washington was a large Slave holder who fought for property rights because he owned Slaves and property. He began to say that slavery was a barbaric practice, yet he continued it till his death when he freed his slaves conveniently. Martha did no such thing with those she owned collectively. This is just a drop in the Race Bucket of America.

      …people in this country use color terms that are ambiguous in their meaning. Black and White are the biggest. They are both Regional Vernacular or Slang terms that are used in popular reference by the masses so much that they are ingrained. Color references can mean nationality, culture, race, ethnicity, value or ancestry. White people are European ( fill in the blank ) Americans…period. You sure didn’t spring up here and neither did we. We all originated somewhere else..that is our direct genetic ancestry. America is a hybrid culture with a hybrid language!

      …White is connected to the notion of White Superiority or White privilege. America says that White is better by implication. Black was adopted in the 60’s Civil Rights Era as a counter to White. It is also used as a reversal of society’s color negativity. It became a term for Pride.

      One is a cause of strife and the other is a reaction or affect. I don’t use Black as an ethnic reference at all. it is color based and therefore racially applied and I like many are against color reference in any way.

      • Truth seeker says:

        You are correct in your evaluation about history except for Lincoln. Yes it is very true he couldn’t give a crap about freeing slaves. He wasn’t about the south though. He was only about the “UNION”. I have to find the speech in one of my old history class notebooks where he talks about how he could save the union. He basically says if he can save the union by freeing some slave he will, by freeing all, then he’ll free all, or by freeing none, then he will free none. He was an evil (in my opinion) man. Very selfish with his own agendas.

        Here we are again though Barry. You keep living in the past as if it were the same today. Today has afforded many minorities much more opportunities than non-minorities in certain sectors of the workplace, and educational environments. You can’t compare the past with the present. They are not even remotely close.

        Remember that what America started as is completely different from what America has become.

        As for the black/white issue of identity, I see where you’re coming from.

        • barry irving says:

          …you have a lot of nerve thinking you can lecture me on any historical facts. You people always want to reduce and trivialize our statements on race as we see it.

          …Living in the past?…get real you don’t know me and you can’t assess me by these blog responses. What’s the matter with you? “PEAK” slavery was 250 years. We are still evolving and the educated, aware, politically and socially involved of us have the duty and responsibility to educate the masses.

          …the masses of our people have lived through an
          “on paper” Emancipation that was followed by a century and decades of American Hatred. Here we are still fighting for citizen tights and due process which are the foundation of the constitution.

          …We have had 150 years of continued strife and the job of resettlement is not done because White people think that we should be satisfied with the crumbs that the majority population throws so they can say they have some sense of openness and are not bigots.

          …I know this because I am one of the class of politically and socially active people who decide how we are recognized officially. We are the answer to the question ” What have black people ever done”. We own homes and drive expensive cars and travel, because that is the culture that we operate within. Our ancestry is the center of our involvement in the Global Culture and community.

          …African Americans have to have a perspective to see the importance of identity to a culture and racial nucleus so that they can rise above living with a vague and unresponsive American identity…Black for some is a protest, for some it’s an identity that they have familiarity with, others just follow.

          …Don’t tell me that I was wrong about Lincoln. Lincoln said …” if it come to a question of superiority I would be in favor of Whites having the superior position”.

          That is “one” root indication of the most prevalent conflict in today’s society. That sentiment is the seed of the notion of White Supremacy.

          …listen, for you to say that todays society has afforded “Minorities” – ( I guess that’s me in your view? ) much more opportunities…

          …in certain sectors of the work place”?????

          …what is that??? a search?… a lolli pop? …some candy??…I could help you out and fatten up your paltry offering but for what?…I think that you are more interested in speaking from your obviously limited existence. I’ll let you have that so you can work on it OK?

          …The America of today is drowning in self pity, fear of change and the notion that White might loose it’s wounded, fabled image of power, wealth and White privilege. That’s your problem…Good Luck!

          • Truth seeker says:

            And you’re not living through slavery NOW. So grow up. I am also not LECTURING you, I am merely CORRECTING you. You are making it personal and
            internalizing it. And will you please source your Abraham Lincoln quote? I want to read the whole speech in it’s entirety. I don’t even know what the speech is

          • Truth seeker says:

            I will now source the Lincoln speech I was referring to (unlike you).

            – Pres. Abraham LIncoln, Reply to
            Horace Greeley, (New York Tribune editor)1862

            “There are 2 paragraphs that precede his statement about the union and slavery that only address Horace
            Greeley. They are not relevant to the following:

            “I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. The sooner the national
            authority can be restored, the nearer the union will be “the Union as it was.” If there be those who would not save the union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is TO SAVE THE UNION, AND IS NOT EITHER TO SAVE OR DESTROY SLAVERY. If I could save the union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could do it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; if I could do it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What do I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe IT WOULD HELP TO SAVE THE UNION. I shall do less whenever I shall believe whatever I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they appear to be true views. I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and i intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men every where could be free.


            A, Lincoln”

            This is not trivializing a damn thing. This is FACT. I provided you the source and the speech.

          • Truth seeker says:

            ” …We have had 150 years of continued strife and the job of resettlement is not done because White

            people think that we should be satisfied with the crumbs that the majority population throws so they can say they have some sense of openness and are not


            Can you please elaborate? What do you mean by “crumbs that the majority population throws”. I want to

            address this statement, but I need you to elaborate. I want to have an intelligent conversation without any ambiguous language so I know EXACTLY what
            you’re talking about.

          • Truth seeker says:

            “…I know this because I am one of the class of politically and socially active people who decide how we are recognized officially.”

            – Why is it up to you to decide how a whole group is recognized? Why don’t you let people identify themselves the way they feel comfortable doing so?

          • Truth seeker says:

            “…what is that??? a search?… a lolli pop? …some candy??…I could help you out and fatten upyour paltry offering but for what?…I think that you are more interested in speaking from your obviously limited existence. I’ll let you have that so you can work on it OK?”


            THE IMPACT FOR AFRICAN-AMERICAN FAMILIES AND THE ECONOMY (look it up) Business get subsidies and tax breaks by the Gov when hiring minorities (unless you’re a WHITE MINORITY such as myself, living in California).

            Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs – The purpose of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is to enforce, for the benefit of job seekers and wage earners, the contractual promise of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity required of those who do business with the Federal government.

            -It contradicts itself when saying Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity. I find this hilarious.

            Aside from the United Negro College Fund, there are tons of scholarships for African Americans, but hardly
            any for “whites”. (Isn’t it politically incorrect nowadays to define an African American as a “negro”?) I don’t know. Maybe you can teach me about that. I am being serious. I really don’t know.

          • Truth seeker says:

            “…The America of today is drowning in self pity, fear of change and the notion that White might loose it’s wounded, fabled image of power, wealth and White privilege. That’s your problem…Good Luck!”

            There is no such thing as White Privilege ANYMORE. This is not the slave trading America is used to be. (again,living in the past)

            I am not wealthy btw, that is why I am pursuing my education. (wait, there’s actually poor white people? who would have thunk?) The only privilege people have is PARENTAL PRIVILEGE. A 2 parent household yields a better life for their children. It has been proven

            time and time again that a strong family structure that provides an emphasis on the importance of education results in their children having higher graduation

            rates and better preparation for educational pursuits, which lead to better careers, and higher salaries.

          • Truth seeker says:

            I fear for the Asian communities in this country, because as the “White population” thins out over the

            next few decades, they will be the next group of people to be blamed for being privileged, regardless of their strong family structure, value for education,

            and hard work. Overall, they lead this country socioeconomically.

          • Truth seeker says:

            Barry, what is it you do for the African American community besides telling them that they aren’t getting ahead as they should be because of the White Supremacist infrastructure? Do you set up Scholarships for them? If so, tell me which ones, and how you’re involved. Do you tell them the importance of waiting to have children until after you get an education? Do you tell them about the importance of a 2 parent household, and how the family structure can help determine the outcome of a child’s life?

            What is it that you do for the African American community besides spouting all this anti-white diatribe?

          • Truth seeker says:

            I think if more African Americans pursue an education and wait to have children until they meet a partner who truly loves them, and build a strong family structure with a 2 parent household, you will have less of an audience to listen to you. LOL

            Do most of your “supporters” have a graduate degree and a career, raise their children together in a 2 parent household, and teach their children about the value of family structure and education, or are most of your “supporters” maintaining a single parent household without a degree or career?

    • Truth seeker says:

      How many African Americans apply to be on the police in your community? Do you know? Maybe there needs to be more AA’s in your community applying for these positions of power to clean up the corruption, whether they be police officers, local politicians, or business owners.

      I don’t think anyone is saying that AA’s are not allowed to be managers, business owners, police officers, or politicians. I do think however, an AA police officer, local politician, business owner (who serves all shades of color) is often, but not always, looked down upon in an AA community and viewed as being a “coon”, which in turn may deter much of the AA community to seek such positions.

      • barry irving says:


        • Truth seeker says:

          Everyone in this world is prejudiced. I am not racially prejudiced though. Let’s clear the air here. If you can only save one child from falling off a cliff, where one child is yours, and the other is not, which child would you save? remember, you can only save one. If you said “I will save my child”, then you are prejudiced. noun
          an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
          any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
          unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.
          such attitudes considered collectively:
          The war against prejudice is never-ending.
          damage or injury; detriment:
          a law that operated to the prejudice of the majority.
          verb (used with object), prejudiced, prejudicing.
          to affect with a prejudice, either favorable or unfavorable:
          His honesty and sincerity prejudiced us in his favor.

          In this particular case I am not. I am being as honest as I can be by providing factual information with sources (which you have yet to do)….I’m still waiting

          • Truth seeker says:

            And btw, you just used a logical fallacy called an Ad Hominem. You attacked my character and not my argument.

            That means you’ve conceded…..

          • barry irving says:

            …um…yeah Binky…I give up…ILOL!

          • barry irving says:

            ….dude you’re “HILARIOUS”…you make these grand statements from your ignorance and you just go on like the energizer bunny and on and on making senseless statements and playing the blame game.

            …how about articulating the meaning. Any one can google the dictionary version. Explaining from your own perspective would show that you really understand.

            …I speak from my head and experiences as well as what I “know” is true. My truth may not be your truth, That doesn’t make mine wrong or erroneous. YOU have yet to address any point made. All you do is accuse and assume the usual based on American stereotype. You the model for American institutional indoctrination…congrats…ILOL!

          • Truth seeker says:

            Logical fallacies and anecdotal evidence have no place in an intellectual debate. They are not accepted as evidence. You’ve conceded once again.

          • barry irving says:

            …that’s your favorite “irrelevant” line.

            …#1 we are NOT having an intellectual debate…again you use terms and you imply that which you are NOT!

            …I am a “Professional” Intellectual and Academic…you are NOT

            …logical fallacies where?…anecdotal evidence?…where?…I gave you related experience and opinion based on fact. You can do the research to verify that which you don’t believe. YOU just talk and make statements that you can’t back up.

            …what rule book are you following for this evidence – sounds so official…you’re good…as an actor!

            …you don’t know your butt from a hole in the wall. I’ll concede that only!

          • Truth seeker says:

            So you’re showing everyone in this room that you have problems with comprehension. As I’ve explained time and time again that you call me names and attack my character without addressing my arguments. I even explained to you the name of the logical fallacy – Ad Hominem attack. Anecdotal evidence is evidence based on personal experience that no one else can verify but you.

            If you truly were a teacher in academia, you would have known this. I can only conclude that you are either lying about being a teacher in any school system, or someone hired a very unqualified person.

            I hope this “conversation” is at least entertaining to some of the readers! LOL

          • barry irving says:

            …stupid, I am an intellectual by trade. I advocate for inclusive education and creative education. I told your dumbness that I teach in forums that can be held anywhere.

            …I’m also a social advocate …people like me don’t refer to books for our solutions we have to design the process to get what we have to have done…we don’t ever fail because a solution is an actual step ahead…we make sure that happens in some small or big way.

            …you can call it anecdotal, but what makes that wrong is that my work is all verifiable…but not by YOU!

            …reason: you don’t know me…simple…so what you say or criticize or whine about is irrelevant.

            …you can’t even keep in touch with what I have said – I said I am an “EDUCATOR”…not a school teacher…you stoopid!

          • Truth seeker says:

            Thanks for attacking me with the first word of this response. You’re so kind. (sarcasm)

            So you’re not a teacher in any school system . Gotcha.
            And you don’t refer to books for solutions, gotcha.

            Talk is cheap. Actions speak. So I’ll ask one of the many many questions you haven’t addressed yet and failed to answer……What is it that you have done for the African American community aside from speaking to them about how the “White Man” is keeping them down? Have you set up any scholarships for them? And if so, which ones and how were you involved?

            Have you told them the importance of waiting to have children with the person they love until after they have received an education and secured a career?

            Have you taught them to love people regardless of the color of their skin and to not hate someone because they may be white?

            Have you done any of that?

      • barry irving says:

        ,,,tell me how you reference an African American ( see all letters / no abbreviations ) who you don’t know but assume has these racial shortcomings that JUST HAPPEN TO ECHO THE RACIST SENTIMENTS OF THE MAJORITY POPULATION?…IMPLICATION AND PROJECTION ARE TOOLS OF THE RACIST.

  2. Dayton Waters says:

    Perhaps one approach is to accept that blacks do not have a monopoly on racial prejudice. As our nation has tried to overcome sins of the past, I have been discriminated against all my life for being white. Yet somehow, that just doesn’t count BECAUSE I’m white.

    • Danny says:

      Nothing in my post suggests that black people have a monopoly on racial prejudice. Anyone can be prejudice, but black people have the historically been systematically discriminated against. I wouldn’t wish anyone to be mistreated, regardless of their race. This post was to address the people who act like this country putting it’s head in the sand will fix the problem of racism.

    • Truth seeker says:

      I have too, but don’t let it discourage you from loving all of God’s (metaphorically) children.

  3. vanessa smith says:

    Thank you so much for saying this, it’s so important that people hear this. I myself am a white female and when I speak on race with other white people I also encounter these exact same reactions. I personally grew up surrounded by mostly people who were not of my own race so i was much more exposed to the non-white opinions and experiences with race. The white people I encountered later in life came mainly from suburban upbringings and i saw just how differently they viewed race issues. Because they were never physically exposed to the reality of racial problems they only have a limited understanding of the extent to which these issues span and therefore they only see what’s on the surface. I see white parents teaching their children to not judge people by the color of their skin and that racism is bad in order to be politically correct or considered a good person, but it doesn’t have any affect if neither they nor their children interact regularly with other races. Which is why i think these reposes of defensiveness arise. Systematic racism just isn’t something people will believe if they are never see its existence.

    • Truth seeker says:

      That is another reason why attending college is important. YOU will meet people from all backgrounds who also share common goals in life.

  4. barry irving says:

    Danyahael…statistical measures are not very useful to most people. Most of the masses and social critics use them to malign. statistics are compiled nationally under vastly different circumstances..then compiled to give a picture that is more illustrative of Societal inequality and the obsession of comparing only African American to White. That is a historical part of Institutional racism…it attempts to justify the notion of White as superior.

    …the White masses, regular folk use this as a banner when they have no real power socially or politically. It’s a wall of ignorance. Police stats go through police commissioners who interpret and manipulate statistics to form a picture. They can double and triple state a stat to fit what ever category they want. It’s not mandatory. That’s why there are hundreds of Police shootings of unarmed citizens that we know nothing of. Taxpayers pay multi millions in settlements due to Police misconduct every year. We don’t hear about all of that either.

    …Statistics are stated without context which IMO makes then even less credible. If we look at our selves as a culture…a diverse political / social culture, our shakers and movers do quite well and will do better as we evolve and solve our community issues. The Black White measure is just not as important to us as some of us make it. It gives the picture that we are all struggling by the skin of our teeth, all complaining..it gives the picture that any talk about slavery is an excuse to bash “Whitey” That is simply not true.

    • Danny says:

      Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. I agree that there must be context given, but statistics are valuable to see how are doing in black and white (no pun intended). It’s like checking your temperature, in reality it’s just a number (like the statistics), but seeing a reading of 110 degrees should make you realize that you are not in good health, since the normal temperature (context) should be about 12 degrees less.

      • barry irving says:

        …Danny I don’t agree, seeing how we are doing in Black and White?…not realistic. Statistics come from a wide variety of circumstances, life styles, beliefs, cultures, abilities and fate, Numbers are never going to match a daily situation of any kind because they represent averages which never align with reality.

        …Statistics are questionable in their compilation and intent. Police Chiefs can report crime Stats in any way they want…AND THEY DO. They can double or triple state a single event to fit multiple categories… they can omit…their reporting is voluntary and known to be “interpreted”.

        …One poll several months ago said boldly that some where between 60+ and 70+ % of Americans would like to see Mr. Obama impeached. i don’t remember the actual number, butit was very high. It turns out that 1500 local people were polled for this survey…It was then implied to be a national poll. Gathering statistics is very expensive to get anything close to a national picture. So surveys and polls do these local projects and then imply greater influence.

        ….Crime cannot be measured accurately from such a diverse sampling to imply a national truth…likely hoods are highly questionable, because we are looked at interms of how many of us are “likely” to commit crimes based on flawed national stats. A population cannot be measured in terms of Criminal likely hood if you are being honest. Populations are in and ogf themselves neutral…conditions may have some expected affects, but to say we are XXX% likely to commit a crime or go to jail is absurd. People and situations change.

        I think that your notion that we need to see how well we are doing by looking at stats that have at best, limited application, will teach you nothing much. You will however be quite frustrated because life happens on varing terms ( not percentages and likely hoods ) and you are looking at so called sedentary figures that are taking as knowledge.

        • Danny says:

          We may have to agree to disagree on this one. Of course stats have to be from a valid source, but when you are talking about large groups of people in a society, (credible) statistics give you the best idea of how things are going.

          • barry irving says:

            …yeah, I contacted a News station recently and grilled them about issuing suspect descriptions that went like this…
            “a Black man in a hoodie… running”. What do you think their excuse was?
            …they said ” We try to use (“credible”) sources”..we get our info from the Police. That was the Police departments irresponsible description, which negatively profiles Zillions of African American men for one local murder. I told them the Police are only “credible” when they ACT CREDIBLE!

          • Truth seeker says:

            Who gave the police that description? Were there any other witnesses to the crime? Did the police ask for more detailed descriptions when doing the investigation? Were they provided alternative descriptions which they failed to report? What alternative descriptions were available, if any? I don’t know enough of the story to make any honest determinations.

            Could you please send me a link?

            Thank you

          • barry irving says:

            …UM, NO…when Police investigate a crime they ask if any one saw the assailant or robber. someone says “I didn’t really see him. He was Black and had on a hoodie and jeans”.

            …that is either hearsay or total BS. Why would the Police then give the “hungry” news people that same “NON DESCRIPTION”.

            …the purpose of an ID id to “IDENTIFY” not to make a general implication that sheds suspicion towards maybe a few hundred men in the immediate area?…it’s just irresponsible – period!

          • Truth seeker says:

            I don’t want to hear about your assumptions and rumors. I want evidence. Can you please source the case you’re referring to, so I can read about it myself?

        • Truth seeker says:

          Statistics can definitely be skewed, and most of them are, especially with the omitting of certain variables that can completely change the outcome of one’s research (lurking variables).
          If you want to have more trust in someone who is reporting stats, see if they provide a confidence level with a margin of error, if not, then it’s just a rumor.

          Stay away from the media, and look to science. 🙂

    • Truth seeker says:

      If the statistics suited your stance on an issue, would you be honest enough to say that it was false if it didn’t contain a confidence level or margin of error? The past was horrible indeed, but if you keep conjuring it up as an excuse to feel like a victim, then you will ALWAYS be a victim in your mind, and never overcome yourself.

      • barry irving says:

        …what makes you so sure that every thing I say needs to be questioned? .what are you…insecure…trust issues…what?

        …I don’t use statistics as you refer to because they have a context ( which I for sure am aware of – are you? ) and that context has nothing to do with public general conversation or opinion. My honesty is not in question here except by you who never answers anything but always questions and ANALyses EVERYTHING as if you are some authority.

        … you call relating and recalling history conjuring it up?…yeah, It’s all about being a victim huh?

        …that’s what people ( like you ) have to do because the Man stuff of life like solving issues and bringing society forward is way out of your reach and thought process. You only want to analyze and blame….

        …what does that do for you?…it makes me discount you as an assumptive idiot!…maybe no discount needs to be applied…maybe you are just cheap to begin with…

        • Truth seeker says:

          You may be an “educator” (loosely used) in your mind, but I doubt you teach in the educational field because of how you repeatedly attack my character and not my argument.

          If you don’t use science as a way of determining if the numbers are true or not, then your results are just RUMORS. Kind of like an oral culture. You know…print culture vs. oral culture. That is why we have courts of law, and laws that are WRITTEN down to endure time, not oral judgments that are forgotten.

          That is how you solve problems. Not with rumors.

          I am very aware of statistics btw. I am currently in a statistics/probabilities class. Have you ever taken one?

          If not, I highly recommend you do so. Especially YOU.

  5. Danny says:

    Everyone will not always agree, but we can at least quit acting like discussing the topic is so taboo. Race is an obvious characteristic, but these days many pretend like they somehow don’t see it . The history of racism in this country is also quite obvious, but many people act like they don’ t see (or care about) that either. It can be a tense subject, but hiding from it will not do anyone any favors, especially when the problems continue to linger.

    • Truth seeker says:

      It’s even more difficult when your college is full of liberal teachers and students who are LOOKING TO BE OFFENDED, and waiting for any type of language that can be considered as a trigger for this and that, especially when your intentions aren’t even anywhere near the accusations being made about you.

      It’s like having your mouth invisibly taped shut. It’s a way of disarming people from having an opinion.

      It’s a way to shut down an intellectual conversation for sure!

      • barry irving says:

        …define liberal Mr. truth seeker…not the dictionary version. Any one can do that

        • Truth seeker says:

          I use the word Liberal, because that is how they define themselves. It is far from it’s original meaning.

          It’s called etymology. I’m afraid you are trying to set me up. If I give “my” definition, that doesn’t mean everyone will agree with it. So either way, i’m set up to fail. I’m not falling for it. Nice try

          And again, my professor self-Identifies as a Liberal.

          I, on the other hand, am just myself. I have views all over the place. People will marginalize me whether I like it or not. That’s reality.

          • barry irving says:

            …you are quite the runner. Again, not surprised. The posers usually don’t stay around to address substance

            so I understand completely. Set you up for what?…an education?…how could that hurt?

          • Truth seeker says:

            I think there is enough of this conversation for everyone to see. I need to get back to my statistics group project before I have to go to work. I will get back to you after I’ve finished my responsibilities.

            Before I leave to later return again, I’ll leave you with this…..What I’ve noticed about my self-identifying liberal professor and some students is that they use EMOTIONAL RESPONSES without any evidence to back anything up. They don’t like facts and don’t like to research. They are purely emotional with no logical foundation behind their arguments. Basically…….they just spread rumors.

          • barry irving says:

            …that’s what you do too, so just add MEE TOOO!…

            …I had professors. They were “my’ professors because they taught me something and generally their academia was substantial enough for them to exemplify the term Professor.

            …you call someone your professor and you don’t even like what he represents. You refer to him with a term that is as good as a curse word politically. That term ( liberal ) doesn’t actually translate like you hacks call it. You are what you eat!

          • Truth seeker says:

            Okay, give me an example of an emotional response that I made. Please.

            I call someone my professor, because that is their title, I didn’t choose it. So don’t blame me. I don’t have to agree with all of my professors. Do you know why? I think for myself, that’s why.

            If you just follow someone blindly, you may hit your head too many times. It is more important to question things than to just accept things as being true because someone else says it’s true. That’s sheep mentality.
            And that’s very dangerous.

            As far as liberal goes, I still haven’t defined it. I have just explained the habits of what the self-proclaimed liberal professors and students exhibit. Not just in my experience, but all over the web on various websites and youtube videos.

            You still haven’t provided any sources for me to research any of the statements you have made. At this point, you’ve only provided me with rumors.

          • barry irving says:

            …My Professor explained his title and I agreed because I know that he is a living legend of sorts among his peers. He said…I Profess, therefore I am a Professor…not only that. What he professes, I don’t always agree with and what I profess, he doesn’t buy or doesn’t comment because he doesn’t have to. Professionally, I can respect that because what he “teaches” people how to do is be excellent and to have standards that matter. That’s why I can call him my professor and not be lying, because I really don’t like the guy.

            …That title that I honor for him is also for my mentors and ancestors
            ( all great teachers ) , not just him. They all did the same thing which is to Profess their view. You may not like it, but you can learn from it and that’s what’s on the menu.

            …I stopped reading your comment and I’m done trying to be the good example that I have. In my view, you should indulge idiots because there is a person under that load of BS….all that Pomp and self ordained authority that asks questions of questions and accuses the oposer of not being responsive to amateur stalling and catch me if you can drama. I did my charity and now I’m finished. Good luck figuring out what to research…even though there are enough paragraphs up the Kazoo ( yours ) to write a pamphlet on how not to be an idiot.

          • Truth seeker says:

            You are fixating on something completely irrelevant to any of the points I made previously. This is your pattern. You evade questions. You don’t address questions or answers, and you are all over the place.
            I provide examples, and sources for you to read. I bet you haven’t read any of them.

            I can only conclude that you are hiding something. Go ahead and give it a shot. There’s about 5-10 posts i made which you have failed to address. You can start now if you’d like, or you can just keep evading.

            You would make a great politician.

          • barry irving says:

            …um, yeah Binky…g’nite!

  6. Truth seeker says:

    Thanks for your willingness to have an open dialogue. Racism does in fact exist. It always will, just like terrorism. You can’t end it, but you can focus on making your life better for yourself and everyone else around you, regardless of their ethnicity.
    The family structure is the most fundamentally important aspect of one’s life as they are indoctrinated into this chaotic world. Different ethnic communities in this multicultural country (U.S.A.) place value on different things. Some place little value on family structure and education.
    The ethnic communities who place more value on family structure and education usually lead socioeconomically (Asians). They have the highest graduation rate, and the least divorce rates among Americans. That is why they succeed. Whereas, the AA community has 70% single parent households (the most in the nation by a wide margin) and the least graduation rates. This does not mean every AA family is not structured or they don’t value education. Not at all, but the AA community overall does lead statistically in this category, and I think it’s the major factor as to why most AA’s are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

    Edit: White people in America who are uneducated and are single parents are also on the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

    • reflectalittle says:

      So married heterosexual pairs raising children together is the key? First this concept of a nuclear family doing all the heavy lifting of society is a relatively new social paradigm. Blended families and single parent families have always been a major part of American society since so many people died at earlier ages. Many global communities had polygamy as the primary form of valued family structure. Mormons and many Asian communities were practicing these valued family structures until quite recently and even smaller portions still are. Second, the single largest predictor of marital “success” rates is income level. If a racial group is at an economic disadvantage one would expect to see higher divorce rates. Not that those individuals don’t value preserving a marriage, but their marriage undergoes more strain because of extra economic pressure. As you point out this effects all racial groups at the bottom of the socio economic ladder. I don’t think you understand the difference between correlation and causation when putting statistics together. I’m so glad racial equality activists did not have the same attitude you stated in your first sentence. If they had it would still be illegal for me to be married to my husband and preserve this precious family structure you value so much.

      • Truth seeker says:

        “Many global communities had polygamy as the primary form of valued family structure.”

        First of all, I am talking about U.S.A. Not other countries. I never was. That is you.

        “Blended families and single parent families have always been a major part of American society since so many people died at earlier ages”. Exactly, because THEY DIED AT EARLIER AGES. Oh and the communities that moved west were highly religious and were much more supportive than what you see today. (still irrelevant)

        And are you referring to families that moved by wagon to the west in the 1800’s? Where people lived to be a young age and there was rampant disease with little understanding of medicine? Where it was a rural area and you HAD to DEPEND on your SPOUSE AND NEIGHBORS to SURVIVE. Comparing two completely different eras where so many things are different than today, including the age men and women married (some at 13) is irrelevant. The history is something to learn from and not repeat.

        Back on topic…..I am talking about the family structure of taday.

        Income isn’t the backbone of family structure, it is a part of it. Family means you have children and a spouse. Yet your focus is only on marriage. hmmmmmmmmm. Logic will tell anyone that on average, a 2 parent household has the probability of yielding better outcomes, either through nurturing, income, or having more time to be around and raise their children.
        It is more healthy for a developing child’s mind when both parents are in the picture.

        Your focus seems to be on “marriage” not “Family Structure”. A structured family will “roll with the punches” so to speak when things get tough. Family love and bond endures even in the toughest times, including little to no income.

        You are the one making a correlation. Income = the largest PREDICTOR of marital success. The largest predictor of marital success is LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. When you love someone, you’re there for the good and the bad. YOu don’t just leave when the going gets tough.

        If you want to look at stats considering the family structure, look at graduation rates in this country among high school students. Which community leads. Then look at that particular community’s family structure. What is their divorce rate?

        Asians have the least divorce rates among Americans. They also have the highest graduation rates. African Americans have the highest divorce rates, and the least graduation rates. It’s a complete mirror of opposites.

        What it comes down to is CULTURE, not INCOME.

        70% of African American Households are single-parent households. It’s not because of the economy. If that were the case, than other ethnicities should reflect the same numbers, but they don’t.

        I almost used anecdotal evidence. Shame on me. Many Asian families that come here, come here with nothing. Some are refugees. Some get split up until the reunite later, but when they reunite, the family bond is still there. They still seem to succeed, regardless of coming to this country with absolutely nothing. It is look down upon in the Asian community to divorce and change the family structure. You may want to research how Asians families in America view divorce and family structure.

        A problem is that not all communities value marriage and family as much as the Asian communities do. It’s their culture which values education and family that helps them rise above.

        ” I’m so glad racial equality activists did not have the same attitude you stated in your first sentence.”

        I believe in racial equality. This has nothing to do with it. All races are just as equal to raise their family in a 2 parent household and value education. Everyone has that opportunity, it’s just that not all people value the same things.

        • reflectalittle says:

          I don’t think I’ll engage in this conversation anymore, feel free to assume why.

          • Truth seeker says:

            It is clear to ME that you are not interested in learning others points of view, because you don’t want to engage with someone who doesn’t agree with you.

            In the real world, people share their own views. And some of those views may not align with yours. If that’s too difficult for you handle, then you need to speak to an audience that agrees with you. You won’t learn much though.

            Thanks for conceding. Good day to you.

      • Truth seeker says:

        You also equate “marital success” with being able to afford things, rather than love one another, despite income.

        A tear just fell from my eye…..

  7. Truth seeker says:

    It’s important that WE ask more questions before we address a topic and provide a rebuttal, so we can better understand the point the speaker is trying to make. Sometimes paraphrasing helps.

    • barry irving says:

      …you didn’t do that when you addressed my statement…you just “thought” you could analyze it and then lecture me on my short comings and misunderstandings. That was a HA!

      …nothing more… get over yourself!

      • Truth seeker says:

        Scroll up. Can you make your posts shorter so my responses are shorter. Or can you make multiple posts with the same information? It makes it easier for people to read, than having to search, and sift out information. My concern is for everyone in here. Not just myself. Thanks

        • barry irving says:

          …yeah, you are a piece of work. I am a “PROFESSIONAL ” ADVOCATE AND EDUCATOR, so NO!

          … I can’t make my responses or my commentary shorter so you can apply your apparently limited intellectual abilities and make me have to say even more.

          • Truth seeker says:

            Educator? You teach at a school or university?

          • barry irving says:

            …once again you show your tunnel vision and pigeon holed thinking…get out of the BOX. An educator is grounded in process…process yields desired results. Educators teach any and everyone – anything that can be addressed from a refined system of theory and practice.
            Educators don’t necessarily teach in Universities or Schools Binky…we mainly address forums which can be held anywhere…OTAY?

          • Truth seeker says:

            Well…when using the term “educator” as loosely as you are, anyone, including a 5 year old can be an “educator”. I can learn from anyone, including children, but by no means are you an “educator” in academia.

            You are definitely self-proclaimed.

          • barry irving says:

            …no need to answer what you say in darkness…you don’t know me, so your um, point / diatribe was it?….is totally erroneous with no possibility of being anything else.

          • Truth seeker says:

            Another uncalled for Ad Hominem attack. As an EDUCATOR, you should know better. LOL And of course I can dissect your unnecessarily long posts. It’s just tedious, time consuming, and again, unnecessary. I will not get drowned out by your diatribe if that’s what you’re goal is.

          • Truth seeker says:

            So are you going to address my long reply to your long post without any logical fallacies, any attacks on my character, and without getting too emotional? It seems to me you are making this personal and internalizing my responses to manufacture ideas in your head to perpetuate your agenda.

            You’ve conceded more than once now.

          • barry irving says:

            …anyone can say anything about what they would like to believe is reality!

          • Truth seeker says:

            As I thought. Stray away from addressing any point I make. Would you like to try addressing my points? Go ahead…give it another shot. waiting………..

          • barry irving says:

            …waiting is probably what you do best…like a tick or a bed bug. Now you want me to address your um, points was it???…ILOL!

          • barry irving says:

            …apparently you haven’t figured out just what I’m saying…not surprised…I’m deep…you’re NOT!

  8. Truth seeker says:

    I agree!

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