Encouraging ignorant questions promotes understanding difference.

Zak Forde
Morris, MN

I do not mean to use “ignorant,” in the overused negatively-charged sense, but rather in the abstracted dictionary definition of the term, i.e. “lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact” (dictionary.com). Those who do not understand may want to, but may not know how to ask the question without causing what they at least perceive would be great offense, inadvertently leading them to “live on in ignorance” as one friend with such a question recently explained. If people feel safe to ask these questions, a greater consciousness of experiential difference based off of social categories such as race has a chance to take root, which is extremely important to conversations about race in the United States today.

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2 Responses to "Encouraging ignorant questions promotes understanding difference."
  1. QueenieB says:

    So true. I have educated so many people about my culture and it feels good that they left me with a little more understanding (of my culture) than before.

  2. Dave Willis says:

    Good point and well said.

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