Not enough hate in my heart.

Steph S.

I recently had a family member decide that he doesn’t want anything to do with me because I refuse to believe that my race or sexual orientation makes me in any way superior to any other human being. Apparently (according to this family member) the bible says White people are better than Black people, and allowing gay people to be in love is like accepting a dog and cat as a couple. I am now looked down upon because I find this philosophy completely unethical.

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  1. polarvortex says:

    I have never seen the bible refer to anything about whites and blacks. I believe there may be some remarks about social rankings which roughly to race. However sexual orientation and religion is a troubling and sensitive issue. After years of searching for an answer, here is what I found. The point of being a Christian is to be like Christ. Christ wasn’t gay, so being gay would technically be un-Christ like. But hear this: That sin is no better or worse than any other sin. Christ was not greedy, selfish, or hateful. Things sexual immorality, drugs, habitual drinking, adultery, robbery, etc are all sins. The list goes on. A sin is a sin. In the Bible it clearly states that when you fulfill things of the sinful flesh, it is not God. When you fulfill things of God, it is not the flesh. Those two (flesh and Spirit) are at war with each other. Therefore, you can not be “in between”. You are either on one side or the other. Sin is sin.

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