Ethnically Chinese. As American as you.

yanLily Yan,
Scottsdale, AZ.

Last year, my Australian cousin told me that despite the fact that Sydney has a significant Asian population, she still encounters the ignorance of those who assume she is not truly an Aussie. I could relate, as I still encounter many who ask where I am from and are not satisfied when I tell them Arizona.

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2 Responses to "Ethnically Chinese. As American as you."
  1. Kate Candy says:

    Yes! This always happens when people don’t look white or black. I think the next time someone asks you where you’re “really” from, you could engage them in dialogue: “Why aren’t you satisfied with my answer?” Bold talk from me who has been asked the same question my whole life and patiently respond: “I’m American. My parents are American.” And then continue my explanation as people look at me confused. Maybe we should get t-shirts that say, “Not all Americans are white.”

  2. Just answer “Heaven” next time. At least you get to laugh.

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