Other ethnicities get all the scholarships.

Carissa Brown
Los Angeles, CA

I am a struggling white college student with no scholarships. Why? Because all the scholarships available seem to be exclusively for first generation Americans, or Hispanics, or African Americans, or anyone but me. It’s not my fault I’m white. Why can’t I get scholarships??? Why can’t there be any scholarships exclusively for Caucasians or Western Europeans? Because that would be “racist”. Isn’t it racist to have scholarships for one specific ethnicity?

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  1. Hadiya says:

    Scholarships for non-whites attempt to make up for 200-400 years of being denied from institutions of higher learning. If higher education is a race, then whites (especially Anglo-Saxon Protestants) started at the start line, while others started behind it but have to run the same amount. Scholarships attempt to bring them(us) closer to the start line.

    Also, think about it this way: you’re a woman, and there are scholarships that are exclusively for women. How would you explain that to a man who feels the same way you do?

    • olblue9 says:

      You’ve got to be joking. Would you tell us poor “white” folks, how many more years will we be paying for the fact that wealthy, powerful people all over the world enslaved poor weaker groups for thousands of years. I could understand, if you demanded payment from the person who actually owned these slaves…even their ancestors directly. But to blame just any random old “white” person on the street is absurd. This would never hold up in a court of law. (I guess that is my fault also).

      • Hadiya says:

        Scholarships aren’t challenged in a court of law because they are offered mainly by private companies or individuals.

        Plus, being poor also qualifies people for scholarships, regardless of race.

        • olblue9 says:

          Yeah but, the “white people owe us” argument is getting old. I do agree on scholarships for poor people not based on race. If a “black” kid is accepted over a “white” kid, the “white” kid loses. This is just plan wrong. We will never be considered equal until the day we start treating each other equally.

          • Hadiya says:

            But non-whites are not equal to whites right now, especially in higher education. Race-based scholarships attempt to address that.

          • olblue9 says:

            Well if you say it, it must be so. I honestly did not know that all “whites” are treating all “non-whites” as inferiors. I can only speak from my own experience. If all “whites” throughout history treated all “non-whites” in this manner, the world that we live in would be very different. I do not see how this issue will be resolved by treating poor “whites” as inferiors. This type of action will only breed contempt into future “inferior whites.”

          • TheKnowerseeker says:

            None-whites have every opportunity today that poor whites have and then some.

          • JP says:

            That is ridiculous and just further demonstrates just how ignorant whites are on the subject.

            For the simpletons, we shall once again go back to the sprint analogy:

            If you had one black sprinter and one white sprinter on a track:

            The gun is blown but the white runner is given a head start, about 2/4 through the race the black runner is told that he can start to run now – but with one leg tied up behind his back – about 8/10 into the race the black runner has the restriction removed and is now able to run equally with the white runner – albeit with a massive gap.

            Then about 9/10 into the race, the black sprinter exhausted and out of breath from want of trying says “…there is no way I can catch up…” yet some simplistic white idiot says, in a dopey voice “but you are equal now”….

          • olblue9 says:

            What? More like, the poor “white” and poor “black” are hog tied at the starting gate, the wealthy “white” and wealthy “black” are sitting in a golf cart. When the starting gun is fired, the golf cart cruises toward the finish line. Then, Uncle Sam comes and cuts the poor “black” runner free. The poor “white”, still tied, gets run over by the golf cart while on it’s victory lap.

      • Javontae Eaddy says:

        Its like when a black person goes into an expensive clothing store, they get questioned, but if they were white, its business as usual…if your grades are good enough for a scholarship, then BAM! A scholarship is issued out to you. Your “race” or skin color has nothing to do with that. Its your academics. Name an instance where somebody didnt get a scholarship purely because of their skin color??….(other than historically black people)…..

        • olblue9 says:

          I will leave that for the card owner. Like I said, it is complicated. If you re-read my reply, I responded to the “200-400 years of oppression comment. I never said that one scholarship has been recently handed out to any undeserving person of any race. Nor did I accuse you if stealing from a clothing store. I am happy to see that this card and it’s replies has sparked a discussion. If you have received a scholarship, congratulations. I am certain that you deserve it. I just hope that you don’t blame all of us “white” folks, because some foolish “white” person accused you of stealing from a clothing store in the past. You are welcome.

          • javontae eaddy says:

            It goes both ways with that…dont think all black people are “thugs” just because of a rap video…ok im done.

          • olblue9 says:

            I don’t. Successful rappers are in the business of selling their product. “Thugs” come in all colors.

        • when only one of two equally-merited students can apply for a scholarship because the scholarship is race or gender based.

          Whites get 72% of merit based scholarships so we don’t ‘need’ any help right? Minorities receive 28% of merit based when there are 33% of applicants.

          There are caucasian based scholarships but they fizzle out quick as they just sound illogical.

          In NYC, the specialized high school admissions testing board was sued for a racist test. They opened up free tuition centers and the results were the schools showed a decrease in minority students.

          I went to one of these schools that had a fair amount of minorities, most of the school was asian and jewish, BX SCI
          what I found that gangsters there were asian and slacker drug addicts were white. In the classroom setting, kids who were minorities didn’t outperform but didn’t under perform either.

          I’m from poor whites born to poor whites birthing poor whites. Born in Russia. if you want to look up suffering and where the word slave comes from, look up my people. I’m also part polish jew and armenian, also white winners

          I don’t need any help and don’t ask for any. Just want a place in the sun with my family. Not for too long, we burn easy

      • JP says:

        As a white person you automatically benefit from powerful rich white Americans (the predators of African American slavery).

        The Scholarships come from said powerful white people anyhow, so the author has no ground to stand on.

        America will be taken over shortly by the Chinese, and later by the asians and then everyone else, all because they stupidly spent so much energy fcuking over their own fellow countrymen because they have different skin-tones.

        You , and the author have your own race to blame.

  2. JR says:

    Or… Because maybe ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, or kids who have a non-traditional upbringing have something unique to bring to a college campus. Maybe they add something to the intellectual environment that helps everyones experience. I know I find it intellectually enriching to encounter people who are not at all like me. This is a complicated issue, obviously since the Supreme Court treads these waters very carefully. Just try and make sure you’re not projecting your anger. Maybe talk to a school counselor to make sure your application is as strong as it could be.

    • olblue9 says:

      If a minority kid is more qualified, fine. I am just saying that no person should be excluded from a college just because of his color. This applies to any race. Yes, it is complicated, but to allow this to happen for any reason is a new form of discrimination. It is just as bad as the old form of discrimination. I was raised to believe “two wrongs don’t make a right” this type of behavior proves that to be incorrect.

      • JR says:

        Your assertion that affirmative action is a new form of discrimination assumes that all people are now currently equal. You’d have to suggest that people are poor and uneducated because they are somehow morally deficient. The number of black men in jail for drug violations MUST mean that more black men do drugs. Oh yeah, wait…

        What makes you assume that you will find a latino and a white student who are exactly the same in every category, except that maybe the latino has 2 points higher of an ACT score? In that case it’s okay, right? How about their essays. What if a Phillipina girl has an excellent college essay, a compelling narrative about surviving against all the odds, but a couple more grammar mistakes than her white counterpart who was the captain of her debate team in one of the Grosse Points in MI? Nope, sorry, you don’t measure up? Recognize that there are aspects that are more difficult to qualify, but that speak to the value of a person’s character. Give me the Phillipina girl any day and I guarantee you she’s the type of citizen my university would want to help mold (read some mission statements about what schools hope to achieve with their graduates).

        Affirmative action policies are not in place to subject white people to racism. University policies need not be about reparations or addressing some prior ills (because we all know that first-generation Latinos have all the same changes in life that wealthy John Doe in the Hamptons does). They can be logical ways of dealing with increasing globalization, diversity in the US, and like I said earlier, a real understanding of the benefit and value of other minority and underprivileged perspectives.

        However, your equivalence between the “new form of discrimination” and “old forms” (which ones, segregation? inability to vote?) speaks volumes. I doubt the time I’ve put into discussing this with you was worth it, but, well, I sort of enjoyed it. You’d have a hard time convincing anyone beyond a radical fringe that there is a plot to enslave whites to a new ethnic majority (probably the latinos in a few decades, do you like picking oranges?). But if that is what you believe you should lay it bare for the rest of us to see. Because otherwise, you’d get an F for false equivalences.

        • olblue9 says:

          This forum is all about discussing race in America. If you re-read my reply you will find that I am saying that race should not be a factor. Your statement that there is a “plot to enslave whites to a new ethnic majority (probably the latinos in a few decades, do you like picking oranges?).” is news to me. I believe that would be best to discuss on another card, or possibly another forum. Yes, when you discriminate against a person because of the color of his skin, I consider it wrong. Even if the law says that it is ok, only if the person is born dirt poor “white”.

        • TheKnowerseeker says:

          To claim that black-, Hispanic-, and/or Asian-Americans *still* have less rights and privileges than the average white-American *today* is to either lie or speak ignorance. I refuse to be brainwashed by lying, ignorant liberals; end of discussion.

          • javontae eaddy says:

            Nobody has “less rights or privileges”….everybody has the same number of both….ignorant bigot, youre making this website look bad.

    • TheKnowerseeker says:

      Oh, you mean, like, gangsta rap and Ebonics? ‘Cause that’s all the “uniqueness” that black Americans bring to the table. If you want uniqueness among students, encourage more foreign students to attend.

      • TA says:

        How can you read all of these responses written by black people with all the gangsta rap and ebonics??? I thought you were joking at first, but then I read your other comments…

  3. Chrissy says:

    I’m not white but I went to college without any ethnicity based scholarships. I’m 75% Mexican, 22% Native American and 3% Italian. The Mexican scholarships that I looked into required you to have at least one parent that was born in another country. Both my parents were born here in the U.S. The Native American Scholarships required you to be enrolled in a tribe. The tribe where I live requires you to be 25%. And of course there’s nothing for being 3% Italian. I did receive a $10,000 scholarship for having a high GPA, and another scholarship which covered part of my dorm for the first year. I also took a lot of community college classes, lived with family during the last years, and I also had a lot in savings from working during high school. Unfortunately, many people did assume that I was only there because of my race or affirmative action but that wasn’t the case.

  4. alpar906 says:

    Well, that’s just wrong. It’s completely the opposite. Ninety-five percent of all scholarships go to white students.

  5. TheKnowerseeker says:

    It’s all a part of “affirmative action”, which is a “reverse” racist policy. Affirmative action paid the black Peter by stealing from the white Paul. If the government really wanted to try to pay blacks back for what the plantation owners did to them, they should have simply confiscated all the wealth of the plantation owners and given it away wholesale to black Americans to do with as they wish. Instead, affirmative action kicked all white people up the derriere, including the majority whose ancestors never owned slaves.

    • javontae eaddy says:

      If the “majority” never owned slaves, how come they have an agenda against blacks or just people of color in general???

  6. KBes says:

    I’m white and I got a full academic scholarship to undergrad and grad. And almost everyone else with the same scholarship were white. Maybe your academics didn’t make the cut. Don’t blame minorities for your shortcomings.

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