Every Race Has Been A Slave

Jimmy Naughton
Colorado Springs, CO

Why does any race deserve restitution for their hardships? Every race has been enslaved, yet today’s discussions only ever focus on the Atlantic Slave Trade, i.e., the black slave. Hell, the Irish slaves were more plentiful in the English Empire, they were cheaper and treated far worse since they were Catholic, no thanks to Oliver Cromwell. If you go back far enough in history, you can find the dark pasts of every civilization and of every group of people. People of all races and all backgrounds will never be able to achieve peace if all they ever do is focus on the past and demand restitution for ancestors that are long dead from “perpetrators” who are also long dead. My family, both adopted and biological, come from all over Europe. I have blood from Germany, England, France, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. My ancestors came to America on a boat in 1915, when German and Hungarian forces invaded their village in Serbia during WWI, Serbia having been part of the Allied Forces. But you don’t see me at the German Embassy demanding restitution for the hardships that my family went through. Some of my ancestors were kidnapped, enslaved, and murdered by Barbary Pirates, yet you don’t see me demanding restitution from Muslims and North Africans? You see me focusing on the present and the future, using the opportunities given to me by my ancestors to succeed today, as well as continuing to see people’s character and not their color.

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  • Kerby Hendricks

    I think we focus on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the USA because it is part of our history as a nation. Granted if your family got here in 1915 they had nothing to do with it, and members of my family were already here and no longer slaves (though one could argue that people born as slaves in America were still alive) regardless It’s part of our history as Americans. Chances are neither of us had family fighting in the revolutionary war but we still claim the victory as Americans.

    • Mr. Hanky

      The same for white indentured servants. They were owned and had no freedoms. If they attempted to escape, they were usually hung. Since they were cheaper to own, they would be given tasks that were too dangerous to give expensive black slaves, ie. clearing swamps in the deep south, etc.

      • Kerby Hendricks

        I’ve read about that as well. Many indentured servants were Irish as I recall and since the persons time as a servant wasn’t perpetual (lifelong) they were often worked harder (sometimes to death) in order to maximize their worth. A Black slave and his/her descendants were slaves for life unless permitted to buy their freedom. All in all a sordid chapter in history for all involved.

    • Iris

      Kerby, with that said I guess all women feel the same pain from one woman’s child birth because “we are women” I don’t know what it’s like to be a slave and neither do you. You can’t feel the pain from your ancestor nor can I. Sympathy yes. We can be pissed off about the past or how we are treated but if any one of us uses that anger from the past or present to hurt or lie on a person or try to pull one over because of race… Then you are no better than the slave masters & traders themself. Furthermore, a countries accomplishment is not one personal gain or accomplishments. That why we have immigration today people see what “we the people” have done do far & they want a piece of that too. America is not a race it is a belief that our generation is ripping apart because of asshats like Obama. I’m hurt because I was lied on & a fast one was pulled on me. It won’t happen again, but I’m not going to stoop to their level. But I’m watching you & don’t think I’m going to just keep my mouth closed!!! STOP PULLING THE RACE CARD BLACK AMERICA YOU’RE NOT VICTIM SOME OF YOU ARE JUST A**holes!

      • Kerby Hendricks

        I don’t get the analogy Iris. All women feeling the pain of one woman’s labor has nothing to do with all Americans sharing a history. I acknowledged the OP in the question that he had. As I stated Slavery is part of American history. Should we begin to not teach that it happened? That being said, its also the history of many places throughout the world. I said nothing about wanting or expecting anything from it, and have been consistant about that through all of my posts, if you care to read them.

  • olblue9

    Great Card.

  • Iris

    Yep every race has been subjected to slavery one time or another by their own race or another. NO ONE OWES ANYONE SQUAT!!! Mestiza & proud. I don’t care call me white if you want to. I have gorgeous black hair & light skin. Therefore I am white to you. Oh Hank don’t say you are a Republican that is defiantly an omission to being racist in Black America’s point of view! And heaven forbid if you’re from the south or say y’all…. Just watch out for the “YOU PEOPLE” phrase. Yep, my experience over the last four years has shown me that things are not equal blacks have a VICTIM FOR LIFE status race card. Good for many times over on whites, Hispanics, Asian or all others. My gov job has a rule about a “protected people” status… That you get fired or in trouble if anything is done towards the “protected class” wow who are these protected class… Shouldn’t we all be protected. Yeah VA Is one way! Look how I was bullied at a local law enforcement agency civilian because some b**** wanted to lie on me & say I said you people & she admitted to the head dept that she did but they were more interested in you people then me being threaten. Why because I’m “white”(& Hispanic pale-dont look it chiefs office said) and she’s black so she pulled out her race card. Oh yea, I agree with Obama can talk crap about white people even comment about a court case which he should of remained out of & it’s ok but let a white president do that. Oh & the whites that yes kiss their butts because they are spineless coward should eat crap.Sad though, I have black friends I don’t want to associate with anymore because one some of them knew the crap I was going through & didn’t stick up for me but remained quiet… Which to me is like being just as guilt as the person who lied & threaten me & because I’ve notice they stick together even if they know they are wrong… Just to prove a point that they dislike white people.

    • Iris

      Excuse my typos when I get heated about something I can’t write worth a darn or spell. Lol oh they can hang up on you but one on one they run away… Yes they are trouble makers and having worked for a law enforcement agency for over a decade yes the commit most of the crimes. But they blame whites, Hispanics and Jews and Asians. Yet we all pretty much get along without them. (Most of them) I won’t be treated like that again!

    • Oliver Cloezoff

      You Know What? Your people weren’t enslaved by their OWN people, if so the slavery either wasn’t as harsh as african slavery or didn’t last as long OVER 300 YEARS (top that).I SHOULD NOT have to tell you how fucked up slavery in general was/is, but do you have a single clue to why the hypersensitive issue of slavery correlates to blacks is because it was more prominent and enduring than ANY OTHER RACE bar-non plus it’s not the slavery blacks should want reparations but the sequential muffled racism upon both the abolishing of slavery and endeavor of the civil rights movement. AND I doubt you or your people got off their assess and risked both their lives and “freedom” marching down streets and giving monologues so their faint voices could be heard. THAT’S why I’m proud to be black knowing my people survived AND FOUGHT throughout the centuries of oppression while some just sat on their hands and waited for things to change.

  • Iris

    Mr. Hanky, funny you mention schools and such. Like I said I’m Hispanic/Latin & white. But Black America considers me white. I had a funny conversation with my older sister she a dumb liberal, love her though, she is uneducated. Didn’t go past 6 grade. Not knocking her.. And she is convince because of some article by a professor that if your white or Hispanic you all and that everyone has black in them. Well I guess that says it all then right. Lol so stop accusing us of being racist we are “black” too. Bullcrap! I can’t believe my idiot sister believed that. But she believe Obama is the greatest, she rather sit at home & collect unemployment bc she is too good to work for less than $14.00 and hour and she thinks Zimmerman was a racist white redneck (he’s mixed like she is). My sister so embarrassing. I’m going to pass her the racial draft card Dave Chappell had on his show! I had a history teacher who said all white men raped black women in high school & that we all have black in us too. Guess there was no time for war or slavery we were all screwing each other.

  • Iris

    Mr. Hanky wouldn’t you agree!!!
    Whites are BULLIED by media, local government, Federal government & other organizations to remain silent, be apologetic to the “black experience.” Look how Paula Dean was presumed guilty before her trial treated like crap because of a southern style wedding and saying the “N” word out of anger fear & frustration when a gun was held to her head. Hell black say the N word on a daily basic, google singer Kalis lovely N word jacket. I guarantee 99.9% of famous black people have said Honkie, cracker , white trash, spic or wetback at one time. Lets go on a witch hunt after them. I’ve called a person white trash before & I’m white…. Does that make me racist! Nope! Yea, blacks just want to keep racial conflict up so they can have something to complain about for their failures! The media & government acts like whites should bend over kiss blacks butts & apologize for everything. it’s drilled daily in the media & at the office & whites have to remain quiet or get written up.

    • Kerby Hendricks

      Whites are BULLIED by media, local government, Federal government & other organizations to remain silent, be apologetic to the “black experience.”

      Ok, perhaps because I live in CA I don’t see much of this because out here and in the Southwestern States everyone is expected to see things from the Mexican immigrants point of view, and bend over backwards for them.

      Look how Paula Dean was presumed guilty before her trial treated like crap because of a southern style wedding and saying the “N” word out of anger fear & frustration when a gun was held to her head.

      So, its Black peoples fault that the media treated Paula Dean badly? Did anyone go out and ask a good sample of the nearly 40 million Black people in this country how they felt about Paula Dean? No, so how can you know how they felt about it?

      Yea, blacks just want to keep racial conflict up so they can have something to complain about for their failures!

      Right Iris, that’s every Black persons goal ( I’m being sarcastic),
      There are some people of EVERY race who do this Black militants, White Nationalist, and Militant Mechistas Look up MeCha Iris and see the agenda for “reconquista” of the American Southwest by Mestizo people. Still, I don’t see every Mestizo or White person and categorize them as radicals. I have had bad experiences from Mestizo, and White, and Black people as well. Guess what, some people of all races are JERKS, and a good person like you Iris, or me sometimes fall victims to Jerks. It’s not right, but it happens. I speak fluent Spanish and my employer has a lot of Mexican clients. They see me and presume don’t speak Spanish because if my skin color. Some of them say the meanest, very cruel things which they think I can’t understand. Imagine the surprise when I greet them in spanish, and proceed to treat them very nicely. They know I understand the insult. Therefore I treat them with more kindness and send them away with “Dios Bendiga” God Bless you. I could respond to them in anger in Spanish, but I choose to not be that way, so I can attempt to change that persons perception of me and perhaps other Black people he/ she.might see. Still not al of my Mexican clients are like that and so I don’t hate Mexicans for the things that some of them say.

      The media & government acts like whites should bend over kiss blacks butts & apologize for everything. it’s drilled daily in the media & at the office & whites have to remain quiet or get written up.

      • Iris

        Lol California. Ok my father lived in LA Before I was born. I’m half Mexica and White lol. Expierence in diff states can be different but on the whole blacks get to play the they’re discriminated against by whites, Hispanics and Asian in VA. I don’t think that being called a honkie, white Trash, cracker or Spic, would make headline news or cause companies to stop selling an black persons labeled product if a celebrity black person had ever used any of those racial words. Where do you think the phrase “The Race Card” comes from… By people who know blacks claim discrimination to get out of, pull one over on those opposite of their race!

        • Kerby Hendricks

          Again I encourage you to read my posts on this site specifically about pulling ” the race card”. I find it disturbing that people think its fine to judge everyone of any race based on the experiences they have had with some people. You don’t know me Iris, but you seem to think you have me and all the Black people in this country figured out. Honestly I barely knew who the heck Paula Dean was before all this mess broke out. If people chose to boycott her products for something she said in 1960 or whatever the case may be, then that’s on them, not me. I do recall that at some point she said she had diabetes due to the type of oods she was eating and I do remember a lot of comments about how she deserved to get sick because of the food she ate. Those comments were from variety of people of different races. Tell me, where was the outrage then?

  • Iris

    You can not & will never feel or completely understand your ancestors hardships. You didn’t go thru it. That’s the analogy! & no one owes anyone anything and I read somewhere blaming today’s whites for slavery well blacks in africa sold other black to whites along time ago… Weaker tribes if you will! But blacks today want to win about something that happened before they were born & want restitution for it by whites today. That will be the day! Oh police stereotypes. Like I said I got interrogated over you people, but I was threatened to be f*cked up by a black b**** who made false racial claims because I wasn’t at my work station and the PD backed her sorry lying black tail up. Did I have a disagreement with her bc she’s black and I dislike blacks NO, , she cursed me & threatened me & I think she’s a b*tch!!! Do I look at blacks and whimpy whites differently now. You bet your bottom I do.

  • Kerby Hendricks

    Yeah, I think everones emotions on this race card discussion are spinning a bit out of control because Mr.Hanky and Iris both seem to think I am saying something that I am clearly not saying. I digress: Iris I said nothing about feeling ancestors “pain”, so again your analogy about labor pains makes no sense. As for teaching about Slavery as part of U.S. history Mr. Hanky, I said nothing about victimhood or anything close to that. As a former educator you are well aware that in US history coursework generally teachers start with the Pilgrims arrival and work toward modern times. Major events in US history and major wars are all discussed. Slavery was a major issue in US. History. All I’m saying I’d that it should be covered in American history in that context. Now if you have a problem with the way certain schools present slavery, then your battle is with them, not me.personally if you’ve ever been in a mixed classroom in US history and been the only l, or one of only a few Black students, you would know thatBlack kids HATE talking about slavery.. People think that all Black people do is sit around all day pissed off talking about how its all whiteys fault, calling every white person we see “cracker”.
    Come on, most of us are far too busy living our lives. I hate that the political and racial climate in this country has gotten so that people think they know everyones agenda. Let’s step away from CNN MSNBC and FOX news America. Let’s stop letting them tell us what we should think. I think all three including the major networks are poisoning us.

    • Iris

      Agreed, media should not tell us what we think. Btw I went to somewhat mostly black schools. Or half and half. Few Asian and Hispanics. And I AM MIXED. I saw some of my white friends get jumped on by blacks over anger because we watched roots or history class. As a matter of fact my white friend was teary eyed and a black kid jump on her bc of that and said what are you upset about it didn’t happened to you? My thoughts, it didn’t happen to you either jerk because we can’t feel or know what someone else’s pain is like because we didn’t experience it – blacks getting upset over slavery today when they knew nothing of it until school or being told by someone is bull crap. Hence the “women” analogy (common denom., gender-like race) basically who freaking cares if blacks don’t like hearing about history, or what may have happened to Rodney King per se but they do not have the right to go beat up or start trouble with a bunch of innocent people because they are pissed that some dirty evil white men decided to beat a black man up. Mad yes. Vigilant no. That’s just making race relations worse. And no one said black sit around all day thinking that crap- good grief! Im saying if things don’t go their way all the time they say its because they are black. Think logically not racially… That’s what all people need to do. And yes they pull the race card too MUCH!!! Do a survey if you will to see if blacks think Republicans are racist, most whites, people in the south. If the consider light skin Hispanic like Alexis vega white or mixed Hispanic. And if other races treat them “bad” bc their black too. Or simply travel and watch… You’ll see the excuses

      • Kerby Hendricks

        Well Iris I think we agree on at least two things. One its never good to generalize people by race or political party because each person within a race and those who are mixed race are INDIVIDUALS and not “You people” or “Y’all” if you are from the South lol.
        I think we also agree that the race card gets pulled a lot though in Virginia and California we see it pulled and used from different perspectives.
        We also agree on the media and its negative effect on race relation in this country
        So I guess we sort of agree on three things. This is an interesting discussion.


  • Iris

    People in this country forget the fact that we are all descendants of immigrants unless you’re American Indian, Native American or whatever the term our government says they are these days. With that said, instead of looking at our “countries” accomplishments as a whole we look at our history as a huge scar instead of a badge of honor or a medal of valor! How many people from countries all over wouldn’t love for the chance to have the American Dream we can and do have. Grant it out lives are not perfect, I don’t agree with everything here. I have seen discrimination on all races before however, we as in you and I have the right to be proud of ourselves and not stoop to anyone else’s level. Yes, slavery was bad… Infact it was evil. My job is to make sure that that never happens again– matter if fact it’s everyone’s job too (whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians) AMERICANS. Until we all look at everyone as people American – American dreams. We are going to keep going backwards and our children (every race & mixture) is going to suffer. When I was in school I remember watching ROOTS and other movies, instead of touching are hearts, feeling proud that eventually their came people in this world like Dr. Martin Luther king, the blacks in my class got angry and started fights with the white kids. Instead of looking at history and how things have changed, seeing their ancestors hardships and today’s society as a badge of valor, they acted like it was personally happening to them right now to them personally. Other blacks have seen it happen but most likely wont admit it. And I may not be Black but I believe that Dr.martin Luther king as well as many other great Americans accomplishment are part of my own as well. I just think we all stir the pot sometimes and it’s sad. If God had made us all one Race all over the world it would make for one boring a** place. I personally love that we are all different. I love exploring and learning about different cultures. I love a lot of different ethnicies foods, clothing -you name it. And the fact that we have it all blended and at reach in our country is great. What I hate about this country is when I am attack and lied on because someone simply doesn’t like me. Ok call me a b**ch then but don’t lie on me & because we had a spat and you want to tarnish my name, make me loose my job or embarrass me & lie and say I said a racial comment or am discriminating towards you. Everyone needs to be the change they wish they’d see in the world. I Hate racism. But I was lied on and someone accused me of being racist. I was pushed out of my job because of it, a lot of people let me down and yet I was treated like an over privileged white girl, told I can’t claim my half Latina heritage because I’m fair skin but I have black hair. I have to remind myself daily to rise above my hardships and pain I went thru because of that slandering and not stoop to the level of those who lied. Putting it in Gods hands. It’s hard but if I act or do unto others like what they did to me, I am no better than they are. Same as those who lash out and expect restitution, or treat others hatefully because they harbor anger for what happened years before they were born to their people.

  • Iris

    Nope Kerby H. You assume wrong. I stated my beliefs that’s it try to explain my analogy that’s it. As for emotions spinning out of control no I just spoke my piece and maybe my Opinion wasn’t like. Trying to be nonchalant but speaking a view point is retarded. Oh yea look up the blog about a hallmark movie channel show Cedar Cove and see whose doing the ridiculous whining. Complain about everything and make everything out as racist!!! Lol pathetic.

    • Kerby Hendricks

      Iris I try not to let the media (TV ) form my opinions on people so I missed the Hallmark channel sho, nor will I take time to read a blog about the show, since the discussion we are having is real, and not based on a movie. I’m not being nonchalant in my opinions. I’m simply asking you not to assume I mean one thing when I’m saying something different.


    • Kerby Hendricks

      Did you not see all of the ugliness that came out over a certain Cheerios commercial? Did you miss that one?

  • Persephone Jones

    Every race has not been a slave in the “Home of the free and land of the brave”.

    • Anne Hijme

      Does that mean Jewish, gypsies, homosexual, and other victims of holocaust people should get special rights in Germany because of what happened in the much more recent past (compared to slavery)?

      Just because Indentured servants weren’t called slaves make what they went through better?

      Do Japanese Americans need special things from us because of America’s concentration camps (which once again much more recent then slavery)?

      I’m sorry but past is past. I don’t hold a personal grudge for everything that was done to me let, alone to others of my race, gender, beliefs, and any other group I may be considered a part of. If I did, I be sitting here hating people who didn’t truly do anything to me.

      • Persephone Jones

        You lack the authority to dictate if and how I honor my ancestors. You have absolutely no control over the matter. Comparing tragedies is disrespectful to all of those who suffered.

        • Anne Hijme

          My point is base on what he’s saying. It seems you’re dismissing what his point because only ‘blacks’ were considered slaves in America from your point of view.

          However every race was treated poorly at some point in American history and other terms were used; which many of us would consider very similar to slavery. I won’t claim to know who was worse off, but I agree with his point of retribution being demanded is unreasonable.

          I never say that this retribution is your path of honoring your ancestors or that I should dictate how they are answered; unless you think that all should Americans should feel guilty for slavery that they have no part of being in.

          My point is many were mistreated, so either none of them deserve retribution or all of them. Personally I vote for none because unless it was done by the specific person in question, then they shouldn’t be paying for mistakes that weren’t theirs.

          This is not meant to be of insult in any way to yours or anybody else ancestors (which I’m mentioning since it seemed to have been taken as such), but to be about the approach we should take in modern days. From my point of view it is to accept mistakes have been made and strive better equality under the law.

          • Persephone Jones

            This isn’t about guilt or retribution. It’s about love, being whole in my spirit, compassion, and honoring my ancestors. Your guilt is useless to me. It is not a healing balm. Keep it.

    • Guest

      And neither have you. Don’t play the martyr for your ancestors.

  • Charrosé

    Black girl here. I don’t feel that I deserve or know anyone who’s asking for retributions. I’m not saying it’s nonexistent, but perhaps this is an anomaly that is being blown out of proportion?

  • Hadiya

    You can’t blend if you look different!
    And I’ve heard about the Russians being slaughtered by the Germans.

  • QuitYerBitchin

    FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKING FOR THE OTHER RACES THAT WERE SLAVES!!!! African American people need to stop pulling the race card and stop bitching about being ” stereotyped”. If everyone acted like a human being instead of a thugged out gangster then maybe people wouldn’t assume that that’s what you’re like and maybe you’d getbsome respect. Pisses me the hell off!!!!


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