Everybody’s racist, because race still matters.

Jeff Case
Redwood City, CA

It really doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic…the first thing you notice about anyone is how they are different from you. That is human nature. What isn’t human nature is the stereotypes that accompany those perceptions. Those are absent in early childhood, but learned over the years, fueled by ignorance and fear. And so we continue to pigeonhole ourselves and others, which divides us. Sad.

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4 Responses to "Everybody’s racist, because race still matters."
  1. Randy1x says:

    Everyone cannot be racist just those with the power to affect others lives based on prejudices, now those we can all have

    • Validemail says:

       Randy, you said, “Everybody cannot be racist, just those with the power to AFFECT OTHERS LIVES, based on prejudice.”  So, you’re telling me that the perpetrators of the hundreds of thousands of violent crimes every year by Blacks against Whites, which is most definitely based on PREJUDICES, are the racists, then, right?  That’s what you’re saying, isn’t it??  That the BLACKS are the RACISTS.  Right??  Or are you claiming that all those White people who are murdered, raped, beaten nearly to death, physically assaulted and otherwise tortured, mutilated and killed have not had the LIVES AFFECTED by this kind of Chimp Out behavior??  Is that what you’re saying, Randy??

      • Dr.Johnson says:

        So Vali, apparently you just begun watching your only inner-city broadcast news for the past 5 months, hu?  

        Yes, Randy is absolutely correct!  It is impossible for Black people in North America to be racist.  Why, because for nearly 500 years Black people are the only group of people in modern civilization around the globe that were forced into the most brutal heinous atrocities know to mankind – Slavery. And the outcome of those atrocities have been clinically conditioned(s) over the years by white people as are known today.   And since some white people, AND NOT ALL, still insist on being uncomfortable without owning up to their ancestors wrong doings, how can anyone expect any different from your type of behavioral thinking.  It will take time.

        Just as long as it is going to take hatred and ignorance out of the hearts of people like you, it will take just as long for one day this discussion will be null.

  2. Vickie Vel says:

    It doesn’t really matter what color you are because we all bleed red, not black blood, not white blood, not asian blood but red blood; all day everyday. Remember that!

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