Everyone’s racist in their own way.

Dominique Peranich
Half Moon Bay, CA

Everyone, whether they admit it or not, is racist. People may not realize this, but due to stereotypes, bias, and where someone may have grown up, they may feel a discomfort or distrust towards other people of a different race or background. For instance, many people when stuck driving on the freeway or highway behind someone super slow tend to claim a couple things. Either that person is an old grandma or grandpa, or they are Asian. Due to stereotypes, many people claim that Asians are “bad drivers”. Saying something like that is just as racist as saying that all white men are rich. Another thing that is not completely true.

Another example of unconscious racism is when people blame their own race for their disability to succeed at some things, or their ability to succeed at some things. For example, if a black man and a white man applied for the same job and the white man’s application might have been better, the black man might say, “It’s because I’m black.” The fact that your black does not guarantee whether you got a job or not, it just means that your resume wasn’t as great as some one else’s. For racism towards oneself at being good at something is quite a common phenomenon. Some people might claim that because they are a certain race, that are better at a certain thing than someone else of another race. Here are some examples: “Because I’m white means that I’ll have a better chance at getting into a four year school.” Not true. There are many other kids, that are not white, that have no trouble getting into a four-year school. “Because I’m black means that I am faster, more coordinated, and I have a better chance a making the basketball team.” Once again, this statement is not completely true. Just because there are many professional black athletes does not mean that, when it comes to sports, blacks are the superior race. There are many other successful athletes that are not black.
There are many more examples of how people are unconsciously racist. For instance, how people automatically assume things about other people because of their race. I’m being completely honest, but whenever I walk by a big group of Mexican boys, I always feel uncomfortable and intimidated by their cluster and appearance, especially if they whistle or start trying to sweet talk me. I know that’s their way of giving compliments, but I feel an uncomfortable vibe and choose to ignore their comments. I’m just being honest.

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3 Responses to "Everyone’s racist in their own way."
  1. Wow, this is a pretty terrible piece of writing.

    There’s a massive difference between racist stereotypes and institutionalized racism, that of which you’ve blurred so badly I’m surprised you can make out the words on your keyboard.

    “I can do basketball better because I’m black.” is a racist stereotype. “I can’t dance because I’m white.” is a racist stereotype, but doesn’t hold the same gravity as the above, because white people are not constricted by racism the way black people are.

    White man gets a job over a black man? Not guaranteed, but LIKELY caused by institutionalized racism. Ever heard of the resume experiment conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), where resumes sent out with ‘black-sounding’ names were less likely to get callbacks than resumes with ‘white-sounding’ names? How about the disparity in the wage gap between white men and men of color, with the even bigger disparity between white women and women of color? How about the fact it took us many, many decades to get a president who wasn’t white?

    All of this information is available to you, and you’ve skirted it in favor of the most boring, flimsy arguments imaginable.

    This isn’t ‘unfair blame on race’. This is racism. It’s a real thing, and I’m afraid you’re on the wrong site to start spouting rhetoric that it’s all false and we can just do whatever we want to if we just really try!!!111

    Try http://www.gop.com. It seems more your style.

    Bottom line: I agree that people often harbor racist viewpoints whether or not they mean to, but the rest of your arguments were so clouded with fallacies and inaccuracies I barely made it out in one piece.

    Do some research. Or just go outside more often.

    • boring says:

      pretty sure this piece was written by a child or pre-teen. At the very least, the writing indicates a lower level of education. May want to consider issues of privilege before you condescend to people who very likely had fewer opportunities in life than you did.

      You’re also a liar. There is no deductive reason to think they intentionally avoided information. There is no logical (not lay use of logical, here meaning deductive dependence) evidence that they are willfully ignorant, if they are ignorant at all. You, however, presented this scenario as if it were a fact, I imagine assuming no one would see it differently than you. This is how a fox news story is written. They are zealots for their point of view. So are you.

      If all you want to do is punish people you feel are dumb or wrong, the internet is very likely the correct place for you to hang out. If you are interested in teaching, helping, educating or guiding young people, you may consider going outside more often. But the country club doesn’t count.

  2. ju206 says:

    You lack workshops my friend, just saying.

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