Experience identifies me, not my color.

Kelley Canaday
Sylva, NC

Race is a label that has morphed over time taking on both positive and negative connotations depending on your perspective. Our perspective determines how we perceive race. No matter how much we try to eliminate bias it will always exist on some level. We are an observant people always making judgments based on what we see. These judgments might change or be confirmed as more information becomes available. We develop bias from infancy based on the teachings, actions, and observances of our parents, family, friends, educators, role models, heroes and society; personal experiences; and knowledge.

Color is only one observance of the eye. It is up to education and character to shape how the mid and heart interprets this observation. Our interaction with others determines if it is a positive or negative experience. We then have to make conscious decisions to seek an understanding or accept our first conclusion based on initial sight, current knowledge, and past experience. We must then live with our decision or choose to learn more, look beyond the surface, and create a new experience that not only changes our character and our lives; but it can impact change in others through their observance of our actions in creating a new experience for them. You choose…will you impact positive or negative experiences?

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4 Responses to "Experience identifies me, not my color."
  1. Idamis says:

    I think she is right because based on what we have learned in class race is just something that people have created. Race isn’t what identifies or labels a person as good or bad. This is another example of how people keep thinking about race by sight in something that identifies people.

  2. Hanky says:

    So what you are trying to say is “everyone has an opinion based on their surroundings?” Enough of the sociology 101 crap. Race is a gift that enables us to generalize and make choices for our own adaption and safety. For example, I don’t wish to move into a certain racial neighborhood because of the crime, drugs, etc. It is all about safety. Generalizations are made as a result of collective individual actions.

    • KELLEY says:

      That’s the point. We make choices constantly. Those choices we make are based on a variety of factors that make up our identity. One of which is experiences. If you want to equate that basis to surroundings, you would be justified.

  3. Lovelace says:

    People always have opinion of what they are around plays a fact in what experiences. For instance a black men in a white neighborhood or a white man. Everday they walk outside the they are look at funny in some way

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