Family contrast black white shows beauty

P8022086Sherry Weaver,
Woodstock, GA.

Our family is a beautiful rainbow. We are pink with brown spots and brown with pink spots.

We are just a family. I didn’t “rescue” anyone-we gave each other gifts. I was given the incredible gift of love and diversity, and they got a family who loves them and can appreciate them. Just like all families, each individual brings something different to the whole. My first son is empathetic, my second son is a great athlete and my daughter is beautiful and caring.

It’s not about surviving being black, It is about realizing how wonderful it is to be of African heritage and how wonderful it is to be of Scottish heritage. I tell my daughter how beautiful she is while I put on my makeup and tell her how lucky she is to have such gorgeous mahogany skin.

She understands this is just one of the the many joys of being black. Anyone who can’t see that is just not looking.

And no disrespect Chris Rock- She does have “Good Hair”. It is as beautiful as the rest of her.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …Black is a color cast term like White. African American is the proper term. While you fill their heads with your well meaning naivete, remember that they have to navigate this cruel world as young people. It would be wise to get them a mentor of their Race, so they don’t evolve into confusion and alienate themselves from their people.

    …whatever the circumstances of their original family, judging them will not produce anything of value (“they have a family that loves and appreciates

    them?”). Trust that as they age they will want to know where they came from…they all do.

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