I feel invisible, while standing out.

ilovesalmanAman Agah,
Brooklyn, NY.

I am Iranian, Irish, Azari, and German. Being Iranian means being called Arab. I am not Arab. Being Iranian means being part of a group of people that so many don’t know – even if I say “Persian” – and yet I am part of a group labeled terrorist. I am the enemy that no one knows anything about. And my Irish identity has so often been denied to even exist – because how could I be any part “white!” – that I hold strongly to that part of me too. I am proud of my heritages and anyone who is not mixed will never understand the isolation that comes with it. We mixed folks are our own little community of outcasts. Something else to find pride in!

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  • Saraquill

    We must spend time in different social circles. My being mixed hasn’t made me a pariah.

  • terrene.west84@yahoo.com

    terrence weston – its ok to be different and stand out every one is different in there own way

  • andie

    you should feel proud of all your different parts they are a small piece of who you are.


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