Feeling guilty for my ivory privilege

Matt Spencer
West Hollywood, CA

I am well-aware of the privilege that I enjoy growing up white in America. Very rarely does my race cross my mind. My Caucasian race is not how people define or understand me. Men don’t cross the street when I approach them and women don’t clutch their purses. Nobody asks me “what I am.” What I am is the majority, and with that comes the convenient privilege of being society’s “standard default” race. I cringe in shame to hear white people say that racism died with slavery, that affirmative action is reverse racism, that the playing field is already even. I cringe because I know from my many Asian, Latino, African-American and other ethnic minority friends that racism is far from dead. As a gay man, I understand well the experience of being judged and discriminated for who I am. One distinction between my minority identity and that of a racial minority, however, is that my sexual orientation isn’t printed across my face. It isn’t something I have to face every time I leave my house. I feel guilty for my white privilege. I feel even guiltier though, that – given the choice – I wouldn’t change it if I could.

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  1. T.W.M.M.O. says:

    White guilt? It’s sad, people like you who voted for Obama over white guilt. How about have some pride for you who are racially? No doubt, you are proud over being gay! God made you gay, God made you white. Other races are proud over their colors but, as soon as a white man states he is proud he is white, he is labeled a racist. So unfair!

    • KeraPingree says:

      He can be proud of being gay, as gays aren’t notorious for mass genocides, stealing people from their countries and enslaving them, using their (non-)power in Congress to further oppress minorities, etc, while whites…. yeah, they’ve done all that and much more. I hope you know what it means to be “proud [you] are white” before you say you are. Maybe what’s more unfair than being racist, is being discriminated against every day because of the color of your skin… by people like yourself.

      Matt Spencer, thank you so much for posting this. I am Native American and white. It’s nice to see other whites acknowledging their privilege and not being ignorant about it. It’s too rare.

      However, I try to use my white privilege to educate others on… white privilege. Rather than just acknowledging it (which is a great first step).
      It actually warms my heart to see a post like this.

      • Hatshepsut says:

        Blacks are notorious for mass crimes, usually perpetrated against Whites, and often with racist motives. Those are called racist hate crimes. Open your eyes!

        What about Affirmative Action, the policy that declares that Blacks need special treatment in order to succeed at an equal rate with Whites? That not only is racist against Blacks and other ‘minorities,’ but it is oppressive against Whites! I suppose you support that policy.

        “…being discriminated against every day because of the color of your skin…” But isn’t that what you are doing here, discriminating against Whites? Are we not supposed to be proud of our race, proud of our culture, proud of who we are? Do you want Whites to go around feeling guilt and shame and hating themselves, while Blacks and other minorities are encouraged to be proud of their heritage? Now that, my friend, is an extremely racist, hateful, and ignorant viewpoint. I’m sorry, but you are dead wrong.

        I am White, and I am proud! That doesn’t mean I am a racist, or that I hate anyone because of their skin color or heritage. I encourage every person of every race to be proud of their heritage and love themselves for who they are and where they come from.

        How unfair, how blatantly ignorant, and how extremely disrespectful to expect, no, demand one race to hang their head in shame while cheering for others to embrace their heritage and love their race. How wrong, how sad, and how brainwashed.

        I will say it again: I am White, I am proud, and I love my race! White people have no reason to feel guilty or shameful for our heritage! No race is better than any other, we are all human beings, and we are all equal. NONE should be made to feel subhuman.

        The past is the past; get over it! This is NOW, and we are EQUAL!

          • Hatshepsut says:

            I most certainly do! Thank you, Jeremiah – it’s good to know I’m not alone here in being proud of my White race, rather than feeling the needless shame and guilt that many Americans would have of us. This forum is about race, all races, including us Whites. It seems we are the ‘ambassadors’ here for our White heritage.

            I’ve got one in queue that should be popping up any time now. I’ll link you to it when they get around to posting it.

        • Malik Nash says:

          Interesting. I’ve been black for a fairly long time (my entire life in fact) and I’ve lived on both coasts, all up and down the eastern seaboard, and on both sides of the Atlantic. I’ve traveled through most of the country. I even lived in British Columbia for a while. I have yet to encounter these marauding hordes of white-hating black thugs that you speak of. I’ve known plenty of criminals, of all races. But, criminals generally commit crimes in the communities where they live, and America being what it is, the vast majority of black folks live in black communities. And the vast majority of crimes (in terms of street crimes) committed by black criminals are committed against other black folks. Same goes for white criminals, Asian criminals, etc. And crime statistics reflect that fact. In any event, most crime is not a question of hate. It’s a question of opportunity. If you make yourself a target for criminals, you’ll be targeted, no matter what your race is. All that said, are there some black folks who hate white folks? Sure, and vice-versa. Is there a grand conspiracy concocted by racist black folks to gain power and prosperity at the expense of white folks? Please. I’m sure you could find some black folks who wish that were true, but that’s all it is: wishful thinking.

        • Aliyah.W says:

          The past is not just the past. It was 300 YEARS of oppression. You are the ignorant one.

      • Ambrosia S. says:

        I completely disagree with everything you just said. You think that whites should eternally bear the burden of their ancestors? So those who belong to native American tribes that stole, raped, and killed members of other tribes should continually apologize to members of other tribes? Maybe you should be ashamed of being native American because of savage crimes perpetrated against others by your ancestors? Slavery, war, murder, genocide. These are not owned by whites. Darfur,

        • Dave Stang says:

          You have hit upon an “inconvenient truth” which has been repressed by our politcally correct society. The culture of “victimhood” is a poison to our country.White people should get off the “white guilt” trip which is preventing REAL progress in race relations.

      • Bob 3254 says:

        I am so privileged for paying the way of the under privileged.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fwCQq-sghYk

      • Turtles says:

        Asians and Africans are well known for mass genocides and atrocities.

        Perhaps you should open a history book, KeraPingree, or at least Google events like the Rwanda genocide, the Rape of Nanking, or wonderful, progressively non-white individuals such as Pol Pot.

        • Dave Stang says:

          You are CORRECT. Repression,enslavement,violence and racism has been the practice of ALL races in history. Liberals love to assign a “good guy-bad guy” narrative to race relations which distorts the truth.

      • olblue9 says:

        Sounds like the “kettle calling the pot black” when a person is chastised for being born “white”, yet this action is not considered racist.

      • Bob1111111111 says:

        Africans were also enslaved by Africans, and sold to whites by Africans. Throughout history people have been enslaved. Is it bad that they were? Yes I don’t think that should happen to anyone. However it is racists to judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. It was a white president who made slavery illegal. You forget to mention that though.

        Yeah racism still exists to this day, but by a few. And there are racists black people, as well as they are racists from every race. The fact of the matter is, if you aren’t racist, and if you don’t mistreat others of a different race. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing at all.

        You know I myself am proud to be white. I am proud of the achievements made by European people. I am not proud that we enslaved others, but I don’t feel guilty about it either. That was the actions of a few. I am not saying we should forget it happened, but we should work past it. Dwelling on what some bad people have done is not helping anyone.

        Should Africans feel ashamed that other Africans, have and still are selling their own kind into slavery? If no then why should whites feel guilty about that sort of thing? It is a double standard. It is racist thinking. You are generalizing a whole group people when you say all whites should feel shame for the actions of a few who lived hundreds of years ago, and likely have no relation to you at all. That is racist. Yes Racism goes both ways. If you mistreat someone because of their race, if you generalize them because of their race. That is racism. Sure some white people are still racist towards blacks, but you are being racist against whites.

        Unless you don’t define racism as generalizing an entire group of people, and treating them differently because of it. Because that is what you are doing, and if that isn’t racism. Then what is?

        • Aliyah.W says:

          There is no such thing as reverse racism.

          • IceCastle2014 says:

            There is no such thing a reverse racism as an institution of society. Individuals can still be racist. Any hatred towards any race by an individual is still racism.

      • Dave Stang says:

        You are being very naive if you believe that gays(like straights) have not committed mass genocides,murders and enslavement.Many member of the NAZI elite were,in fact,gay.Get your history lesson. Same is true of many o the Roman elite for 500 years. The enslavement of millions of Africans would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the ENSLAVEMENT first of Africans by other Africans.

      • Talltrees says:

        Whites did not steal anyone from other countries. The first slave owner in America was black. Anthony Johnson. About half of all slave owners were black. Muslims rounded up blacks and sold them to Jews who brought them over here under vile conditions. Jews sold them to both blacks and whites in America. You don’t learn this in school. Why? It’s the truth. So, from now on, Whites expect others, blacks, Muslims, and Jews to take responsibilty for their part in American slavery.

    • Collin237 says:

      You should be proud of the good things you yourself did, unless you fail to follow through on them. And you should feel guilty about the bad things you yourself did, until you repent for them.

      On the other hand, despite being linguistically related, “proud” and “pride” mean entirely different things. Pride is a claim of outrage against an injustice. Used truthfully, it’s a powerful force for making the world a better place. Used falsely, it’s a sedition to evil.

      The opposite of pride is humility, not “guilt”. And there are indeed many people, most of them white, who are seriously lacking in humility about their race.

      We should know and remember the evil our culture has done. But that shouldn’t lead to guilt. It should lead to a sense of detachment from a savage past.

      • Dave says:

        No,pride is NOT about an outrage against an injustice. I have no idea how you make that connection logically. You have a poor understanding of history but that is to be expected in our liberal society. The TRUTH is that America was a very violent place BEFORE white people arrived. So was AFRICA,ASIA and virtually everywhere in non-white cultures.White people never were more violent or repressive than other cultures. Learn the truth, not what liberal media and academia propagandize.

  2. rudeboi says:

    As slavery is a legecy, guilt be the same.

    • No, it isn’t. I am not responsible for my ancestors’ actions.

      • Guilt should only be felt if an individual does wrong.

        • rudeboi says:

          or an individual that knows he benefits from ills done before him.

          • If I am not guilty of an action, don’t blame me for it. That simple. Any guilt assigned me here is based purely on racism, and if you truly oppose it, then stop where you sit.

          • And either way, you benefit from these ills as well. Much of modern infrastructure was based on Chinese work on railroads, without which, the company that made the computer you use would not have been as prosperous. Pretty much, any good thing that happens to you happens in this system you claim only us straight white males can possibly benefit from is an indirect result of the same things you challenge me with, and ask me to oppose. That computer? That internet? Your phone? All built in and because of this system you claim to hate. If I’m to feel this “guilt”, then you’d better damn well either stop supporting the same system, or feel it, as well.

          • Hatshepsut says:

            It was actually the Irish that did much of that rail work through forced labor. They, too, were sold into slavery at alarming rates in colonial America. If you’d like to read more about that, White Cargo is an extremely informative book that addresses these facts that public schools skip over and most textbooks omit.

            Does that mean the Irish are ‘entitled’ to ‘compensation’ for the ills done to their ancestors? No, it doesn’t, because that is the past. It is, however, a vital piece of history that we cannot and should not ignore.

            The Irish don’t whine and complain about how they deserve handouts, or ‘compensation’ for past ills done unto them because it is hard work that makes success, and the Irish put in that hard work without expecting any ‘special treatment.’

            We all ended up in America, one way or another. We are all Americans, we are all equal, and we are not in any way at fault for what happened in the past. By that logic, you, rudeboi, would be just as guilty as Whites because most African slaves were sold to slave traders by rival tribes.

            Get over yourself. Blacks are not any better than Whites. What you are preaching here is Black supremacy, and it will not be tolerated.

        • rudeboi says:

          But we know that ain’t the case. You should feel guilt in your sleep. You should be made to feel guilt for the rest of your life. Have a look at the treatment of Black people in this country and tell me that if you were around then you would have just ignored it. No, like most white people you would been down for the cause.

          • Cory says:

            Do you likewise take responsibility for the U.S. economy benefiting from Asian sweatshops and forced child labor?

          • rudeboi says:

            Of course, but I try to lessen that as much as possible by not being a drunken consumer.

          • Cory says:

            You may be benefiting less than the average person, but some people will go to extremes to buy only “fair trade” items. World history is full of haves and have nots. That does not make any of it right, but it seems there is a lot of guilt to go around.

      • rudeboi says:

        Sorry. Sins of the father…….

        • … don’t matter to the rational son.

          • rudeboi says:

            or a son in denial. Why is it that to look back is always a good thing except when talking about the evils of racism in this country. Amerikans pride themselves in looking back at what their fondling fathers did in “building” this great country. They look back at all the settlers that made this dream possible. They look back and celebrate the moon landing. Let’s look back and understand how a people where treated like animals and in that treatment we see the results of what’s here and now. Let’s look at how racism/white supremacy has molded minds to think that being Black means criminal and other negative thing that comes with the word Black. Did I do those things to myself? Nope. Your fathers did those things and now you reap the benefits, so sins of the father are indeed inherited by the son. I didn’t make that up just now, I’m sure a white person did, for whatever reason.

          • And I’ve no love for the hypocrisy present in the ideations of the founders, as you cannot love a free society while working to enslave part of its populace. Don’t lump me together with that ideology either. And Americans would never have gotten to the moon if it weren’t for the theft based system called taxation, so I don’t like that either. Just another area where SJAs slake their racism by making assumptions based on mine. You’re proving my race card right.

          • rudeboi says:

            I can’t reply to this because I have no clue what SJA stands for. I guess my Blackness just caught up with me………and my public education.

          • SJA is “Social Justice Advocate”, and it is a tag many arguing the way you are are wont to resign themselves to…

        • Hatshepsut says:

          Are you aware that a large amount, dare I say the majority of African slaves were sold to slave traders by rival tribes? By your logic, you are just as guilty as we. Hang your head in shame, boy; for you betrayed your own brothers and sisters and took blood money in return. Sins of the father, right?

          • rudeboi says:

            Yeah, your right. Them damnable savages sold us to the other savages then washed their hands of us. The thing about it though………..never mind, you’re right. The eff outta here you white people will go to extreme lengths to ease some of that guilt.

          • Hatshepsut says:

            Last I checked, this was a page for all races to come together and discuss racial issues. I am White, and I have a place here too, like it or not. I don’t need to ‘ease guilt’ since I am not guilty, and neither is the White race.

            It’s almost funny how when faced with historical facts, you resort to White guilt. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

          • rudeboi says:

            My resort is not white guilt. I don’t care if you feel guilt or not, my life will continue just the same. As far as historical facts go; well we know the victor get’s to write the history and to that point it may be a “historical fact”.

            I really do think white people feel no guilt for the hell they have rained down on peoples of this Earth. And to not feel guilt is the mark of true sociopathic behavior, which is what you would have to be to not feel………….well, guilt.

            You take care.

          • I have rained no hell and deserve no guilt. Stop blaming me for my ancestors before I accuse you of selling your brothers into slavery, or performing acts of cannibalism. It’s equally f*cking asinine, and equally useful to logical discourse — in that it is not. You want to accuse me of things I didn’t do because of my skin colour, because of what someone else’s ancestors did, and claim that I need “white guilt?” Then get off your high horse you slave-selling tribe killer. See how that feels? That’s your effect on us when you do what you do.

  3. Amelia says:

    Thank you for sharing. What you said was powerful and I can really relate. I am working on my master’s in Social Work and am becoming increasingly aware now more than ever what white privilege really means and how much power and influence the white race has on other ethnicities. Some other people commented that you shouldn’t feel guilty, but to each their own…I also feel guilty. It feels like the saying….”If you aren’t part of the solution, than you are part of the problem”

    • Hatshepsut says:

      The solution has already occurred; it was called the Civil Rights Movement.

      If you feel White guilt, then you are doing exactly as society has programmed you to do. You are a lesser person than so-called minorities, you are a filthy, shameful, and inherently evil person because of the color of your skin, and you will forever be treated that way. Your family, your ancestors, your heritage, all of it is wrong and evil, and you should renounce all of it for sake of ‘equality.’ (Doesn’t sound equal at all to me, how about you?)

      How does that make you feel? Personally, I won’t have it. I am White, I am proud of my heritage and my race, I love my family and my ancestors dearly. My heritage and my culture are a big part of who I am. I refuse to renounce any of it; in fact, I proudly embrace it, and you should, too.

  4. Alize Cox says:

    “I am well-aware of the privilege that I enjoy growing up white in America.” I myself didn’t realize there was a privilege growing up white in America. I realize that you may face less racial judgement, but I’m not sure of the so called ‘privilege.’ With that being said I say: “Why feel guilty?” I am biracial (Black, White, Mexican, and Native-American) and I get put on this pedestal because I am of more than one race. People blame my looks, my hair, my mannerism, my personality, even my choice in men on my race. I don’t feel guilty when people say that they prefer me over other black people. I don’t feel guilty because I know there is nothing to feel guilty of. If other people carried themselves they way I do they too would be ‘preferred.’ If your white, be proud! It wasn’t like it was your choice to be born white. Just remember if it isn’t a problem don’t turn it into one. And you being white isn’t a problem, so theres no need to feel guilty. We each have our own sins, don’t try to carry others on your hands!

    • Tamia Rawks says:

      I know this is late but I am sad that you stated “I don’t feel guilty when people say they prefer me over other black people”, because it implies that you are not proud of who you are, all of you. It also shows that the people that you desperately want to fit in with only like you because you’re not like “them”. So even though you try to assimilate you will never be anyone other than yourself. I think that is something to be proud of. As for the overall topic everyone should be be proud of who they are without being racially divided, but we don’t have to condone the history of our ancestors not the ignorance of people not as enlightened.

  5. This is a surprisingly humble and well-aware response to white privilege, all save for the ‘guilt’ part.

    Remember that guilt doesn’t actually help anything in the long run. It doesn’t make it easier for people of color to get access to higher education, or better healthcare, or more fair court sentences, or or or. What DOES help is staying aware and being less tolerant of racism when you encounter it.

    Little things matter. Don’t laugh at a racist joke just so you fit in. Call out your friend when they say something casually racist, then crack harder on them when they become defensive. Support companies that show diversity. Buy media that doesn’t play into stereotypes to gain ratings and maintain the status quo. Etc.

    You’re going through the white guilt phase, much like I went through the straight guilt phase when my friends called me out on the casually homophobic and bleedingly ignorant things I have said.

    You learn in time to stop feeling useless shame, and use your knowledge for action; however gradual, however small.

    • Chloe says:

      Um, I live in the south and am “white” (my mama said ‘peach’) and racism goes both ways. It’s infuriating, plenty of black people are racist but nobody talks about that. I have been working since 15 years old. I’m 47 and I am proud of my hard work. Social programs can just enable people to be victims. Everyone can do something. My Irish ancestors were percecuted; women got the right to vote less than100 years ago. This is the real world. Stop whining and get busy. geez. It’s really old.

      • I’d talk about racism against white people as soon as I’d talk about heterophobia against straight people and misandry against men.

        Have fun being ignorant.

        • KeraPingree says:

          Thank you Ashe. Perfectly said.

        • Hatshepsut says:

          Ignorance is what you have clearly displayed here by denying the existence of Black on White racist hate crimes. They are everywhere, but whoever calls them out is called a racist.

          No need to reply, because you have already proved my point. Have fun being ignorant… or don’t.

    • Hatshepsut says:

      White guilt is disgusting, unnecessary, and the product of Black on White racism, which by the way is extremely common. I am only in my early 20’s and have been the victim of racism at the hands of Blacks more times than I can count.

      • Guest says:

        To be ageist, being your in your early 20’s, you still have a lot of growing up to do and your eyes have yet to see everything.

        • Yes. That is ageist. His age doesn’t invalidate ANYTHING. Logic transcends race, age, sex, gender, and creed.

          • Hatshepsut says:

            Her age, actually. I’m a girl.

            Guest, my age does not invalidate anything I have said. You can likely tell from my posts here that I am an extremely well-spoken, educated, and mature individual. I have seen many things and been many places, lived all over this country and several others, met many people and had many life experiences.

            I have suffered racism and been made to feel that I am subhuman because of my White heritage. I feel a responsibility to speak out against that and inform others that racism is alive and encouraged here in the United States still today, and yet the tables have turned; now, it is the White race portrayed as the scourge of this country. That is very wrong and purely evil, and I will not stand for it.

          • I apologize for the mistake — I try not to do that…

            I know that feeling — the feeling of constantly wondering if what afflicts you will be ignored because of your race. It’s not a comfortable thing… Then being told that you should be made to feel discomfort because it’s “the right thing to do”, and being told by the same people that you owe them money for this thing you should be ashamed of, this thing you can’t control, this thing under your skin. And then, to be told that none of this is racism… It isn’t a safe thing.

            And it ignores history.

            I’m glad there are people like us on this page. Evens the playing field. Or at least starts to.

  6. Frances Perkins says:

    All you folks arguing about who’s guilty how much of what, please consider what my (then) teenage son and I did after protracted struggles when both of us were exhausted and wanted to quit arguing but neither intended to ‘back down’ either; we’d agree on a start-over day, even had a formal ceremony to make it official. We’d shake hands, introduce ourselves as if we were total strangers, and wish one another peace with a brand new start. Afterwards neither of us could harp on the other’s real or perceived past wrongdoing. After all, if we only just met today, how could either of us refer to past arguments? Now I realize that won’t quite work in society at large, and we must study and try to understand and remember the past in order to improve the future. But the idea of reconciliation of some sort has merit. If Archbishop Desmond Tutu could advocate it in his country, we really should do better ourselves as well. It doesn’t mean forgetting or excusing; just try to move forward in peace, that’s all. Endless war benefits no one.

    • Hatshepsut says:

      The idea of inherited shame and guilt benefits none, either. We are all equal, and the past is the past; it should be left at that. There is no entitlement to compensation, no free pass to attack and oppress an entire race because their race wronged another, no justification for this insurmountable hate towards the White race.

      Do we hate Germans because of the Holocaust? No, of course we don’t. Why would we, as a country, hate White people because of the enslavement of Blacks hundreds of years ago? It is a wrong, ignorant, and racist mindset, and counters everything Blacks fought for during the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone is equal, regardless of race, and none should be made to hang their head and walk with shame based upon the color of their skin. That goes for all races, whether Black, Hispanic, Asian, and yes, White people, too.

  7. Marion Smith says:

    I don’t think that you should feel guilty for a privilege you were born into. I think that your sympathy, which seems to be what you are experiencing is more of an appropriate response. I think that it is natural and it is in our nature as human beings to sympathize and to feel sadness when we see other human beings suffering, regardless of race, age, gender, etc. We imagine ourselves or our loved ones in similar situations and it saddens us. It is, therefore, natural to feel discomfort when witnessing or hearing about the suffering of a fellow human being.

    • Hatshepsut says:

      White people don’t have to imagine being the subject of racist attacks and discrimination on a near-daily basis. As a White person who has lived all over America, including many major cities, I can attest that racism is still going strong. In rural areas in the South, White racism against Blacks is still on-going, but in the majority of our country, Black racism against Whites is much more common and increasing at an alarming rate.

      I honestly do not see how the author of this card has never suffered racist attacks from the supposed minorities, particularly Blacks. I am but in my early 20’s, and have been the subject of many a racist attack. As a White American, discrimination is getting harder and harder to escape, let alone ignore. It is a huge problem, and it is only getting worse each day because it is encouraged.

      One day, Whites will be a minority race. In some states, that is already so.

  8. Hatshepsut says:

    This absolutely has to be sarcasm. If you’re serious, well, I really don’t know what to say other than wow. ‘The playing field’ IS even. Not for LBGT, but for races, it is.

    You can’t be serious. Are you?

    The White guilt here just amazes me.

  9. Aliyah.W says:

    I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge the daily challegens that people of my color endure and that you do not ignore and suppress the undeniable history of my people and the evil and inhumane treatment for over 200 years. But you should not feel guilty for being of Caucasian descent. You should do everything in your power to aide in opening the minds if the ignorant and enlighten them my friend .

    I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge the daily challegens that people of my color endure and that you do not ignore and suppress the undeniable history of my people and the evil and inhumane treatment for over 200 years. But you should not feel guilty for being of Caucasian descent. You should do everything in your power to aide in opening the minds if the ignorant and enlighten them my friend .

  10. AfroLatina says:

    I wish more guilty Caucasians at 23andMe would come out the closet. Instead they ignore us when we bring up reparations owed to African-Americans. 40 acres and a mule was promised, but never delivered to our ancestors. King Genome, Fridgewald, MultiRacialJedi, BabyC, fauxdk, Shimmy1988, Lalaluloon, Sinologist, beyoku, Jawuntavi, pgbk87, Dienekes, Doug McDonalds, Lucas Martin, Magnus, and I have this discussion alot. So tragic and sad we can never get our friends and relatives to have an honest discussion without being ignored.

    • olblue9 says:

      Growing up orphaned “poor white trash” in the rural deep south, I do not see the logic of your argument toward ALL whites. My ancestors were brought to America as steerage from the Bavarian region to work as indentured servants. When I was young, I fell for the “white guilt” BS several times but I got over it quick. I personally have never harmed any “black” person, though many of my fellow “white minority” students and I were physically attacked by “black” gang members while attending urban public school. I have never blamed the “black” race for the actions of these bully gangs. However, if you would consider allowing me to join with you in your quest for reparations, I sure could use my own “forty acres and a mule” that the federal government owes me and my ancestors.

      • AfroLatina says:

        Don’t you dare compare temporary, indentured servitude to dehumanizing slavery. Indentured servants were individuals that worked to pay off debts. They could eventually purchase land, own slaves and start new families. Slaves never had the benefits of servants. Slavery tore apart the Black family and was for life. The only ways to freedom was by the plantation master’s will or if a mixed race person’s birth mother was free. Nonetheless, some free people of color and their children were captured and sold back into slavery.

        U.S.A./Britain/Spain/Portugal/France, etc. governments, slave profiting companies, institutions and planters’ estates should be required to pay Blacks an est. $100 billion with free property and university education for slave descendants. European and Colonial wealth was and is passed down to their descendants from free labor.

        Please educate yourself on the lucrative triangle trade economy.

        • olblue9 says:

          We both should be thankful to live in a country where we can express our opinion, even if we disagree. I grew up with “black, white, and red” kids, many who were descendants of indentured servants and slaves. We all grew up below the poverty level. All of the parents that I knew were hard working, with low wage jobs and a garden in the back yard. I did not witness the benefits that you speak of in our rural community, though I am sure lots of people did profit worldwide. I was taught ” two wrongs don’t make a right” Any person who wants to spend their life blaming people who have done them wrong should concentrate their effort on the specific individuals, not an entire race. This is the most efficient way to complete your goal of retribution. Y’all are welcome!

        • Talltrees says:

          You need to learn the truth. About half of slave owners were black. The first slave owner was black. Anthony Johnson. Muslims rounded up blacks, sold them to Jews, who brought some here under vile conditions, then took the rest to other countries. Don’t you dare place blame entirely on Whites.
          By the way, if you don’t like it here, there are many other countries where you can go.

        • olblue9 says:

          I agree with most of you’re reply. Even today, slavery is no better than it was when the Egyptians enslaved the “white” Jews. If you care to, there is lots of information about my ancestors the Lutheran’s (the original ML without the K) that came to America as indentured servants back way before the slaves were brought to the colony’s. The King never allowed these folks to own the property that they worked. It is not slavery…but, I doubt that you or I would chose it over our daily life today. Any form of slavery is wrong.

    • Talltrees says:

      Whites owe you nothing. You should be so appreciative you live in a White created country. If you have slave ancestors, you could be living in Africa or Mexico. Would you like that?
      Slaves here had 100 times better lives here than in Africa.
      Who created this country and culture. Not your ancestors. What nerve.

  11. BumblingHalfCuban says:

    I am half-Cuban, and grew up around many Latino people, as well as White people. Both are racist. My Cuban grandmother was notorious for being racist towards Blacks, Asians, and even some White people. She is a nice person at heart, but that’s just the way she was raised. This makes me think though that everyone is racist at heart. We automatically are apprehensive towards people that are either different from us, or are better off than us. It’s just the way each of our brains is programmed at birth. It’s up to us to try and rewire it and see that we are all one race, Human, and that what our hair color may be, or our complexion is the same as our heritage and skin. Its just a trait that makes us who we are. We just are naturally wary of people that look different from us, because of our innate survival instincts. I hate myself for having White skin. I feel as if everything any White person has ever done is reflected behind my eyes as I feel the need to hang myself as I get looks from people as I walk down the street. But I try to live on, being who I am and seeing everyone as Human, the only race that matters. I’m not saying I’m color-blind by any means, I just think that there is more alike about us than we see with the naked eye. It’s funny, because our propensity to be racist towards others is a part of our nature as humans, and every ethnicity does it, because we’re all cut from the same cloth, which makes us so alike in the ways that we separate ourselves from each other.

  12. Alexander says:

    I am proud of being white.
    It instils a great sense of pride in me to be a part of the most successful genetic variant of humanity.
    All who submit to this ‘white guilt’ movement are an example that all white persons should learn from.
    Imagine a world where said movement gained complete control in every factor of society, a world where white children, your children, where taught to hate themselves and to only feel shame from birth
    Such a world, built on the hatred of white people, would be an endless torture.
    We’d lament quietly to ourselves ‘how could we let this happen?’.
    The fact is that YOU, persons who follow this cycle of endless shame, are the enemy, the racists, the very thing that you so passionately claim to oppose.
    You teach vulnerable persons of a non-white persuasion that they are somehow victimised, that white people are their enemies which culminates in inevitable violence from the ‘oppressed’ side, thus perpetuating hatred for one another.
    It is true that we, white people, dominate the civilised world and that, my friends, is because it is OUR creation, the ecological niche that we are so adept at filling.
    Now, will you be an honourable example to the rest of humanity, a exemplary member of your genetic variant and take pride in who you are, or will you force others to essentially beat you and your families into submission?
    Those who would submit to the latter deserve the subjugation they crave.
    DO NOT surrender or take for granted your power, lest the day come where you regret it.

  13. Ew says:

    If we’re all the same then why does diversity matter?

  14. Javontae Eaddy says:

    Same goes for you..

  15. Believeinyourself says:

    Never apologize for someone eases opinion. The ones that call you a racist are the ones that are insecure and have to lash out. They are bullies and you should stand up to them.. You are worth more than your color.

  16. Marcus Padraic says:

    To say one race should be ashamed of itself because of its past is like saying that someone should be ashamed of themselves because of who their parents are. It is ridiculous and demeaning. I am white I identify as Scots-Irish/Italian and I am proud of that heritage. It is a shameful and disrespectful thing for anyone to tell me that my heritage is something to hate. What if I said that a gay person should be ashamed of themselves because they are who they are. You Liberal idiots would be down my throat calling me a hater and a homophobe, but isn’t that what you are doing when you tell me to be ashamed of who I am because of who and what I am. Furthermore yes I acknowledge that in the past of the white race there has been slavery, but i refuse to think or say that only whites partook of this unholy and inhuman thing. Every race has taken slaves and in a modern day time there are still slaves being held in captivity by cruel and subhuman monsters. So please I implore you to stop employing a race card or trying to guilt white people out of their identity. You want your Identity and I want mine so see we aren’t any different.

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