Female. Hispanic. Ph.D. Why so surprised?

Luisa M Havens
Miami, FL

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3 Responses to "Female. Hispanic. Ph.D. Why so surprised?"
  1. Madison Bowen says:

    When the world constantly creates prejudice mind sets and extreme stereotypes when something above the standard happens , people look at it like it’s an oxymoron ( meaning this isn’t suppose to happen ) .

  2. Ana Aguirre says:

    Yes! As a Latina I know people always assume we’ll be house maids, waitresses, or McDonald’s workers. Sure at one point we will but it’ll only be a stepping stone to the real deal. Not all Hispanics live up to be these so called “Stereotypes” people should reward us by our successes and notice the struggle we took to get where we are now. They should also noticed how hard we worked to get where we are, not just as a person but as a community.They shouldn’t automatically assume we’re Hispanic, African American, or Chinese. We’re more than just a race.

  3. Gloria Farmer says:

    Hi Luisa, I found your post interesting and thought provoking. I hope these stereotypes are fading away with other outdated misperceptions regarding race and gender characteristics. It elapsed us all as a society to encourage each other to reach our potentials regardless of race or gender, as this benefits all.

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