“First BLACK President” – racist identifier.

Scotty Martone
Port Vincent
, LA

It’s hypocritical for those who claim we are now in a post-racial society, yet continue to use the term “First Black President”. As we all know, President Obama was born into an interracial marriage. Therefore, an all to reasonable argument could be made that he is just another WHITE president. For those who are not yet color-blind, maybe they should at least concede that simple fact and call him an interracial president. Better yet, do away with any specific identifier altogether. If we are truly in a post-racial society, we should refer to people as that, just people or a person, with the main distinction being either a man or woman.

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3 Responses to "“First BLACK President” – racist identifier."
  1. Lorena says:

    What you said was beyond arrogant and crass. First of all, even though he is a mulatto, he still looks black. Give me a break with your dribble. If you saw him walking towards you at night and you did not know who he was, you would definitely not say “Oh look at that biracial man coming towards me”, you would probably say look at that black man, he might mug me and let me cross the street. We are not is a post-racial society and you can read the book the New Jim Crow to read further. In terms of medical, educational, financial opportunities, people of indigenous and African dissent are still being discriminated against. You can look up Tariq Nasheed on youtube or his podcast if you want a further education because you are obviously very uncultured to even say that.

  2. melissa worton says:

    First Woman, First Latino, First African American, just a few of the ways they keep reminding us we aren’t one of them.

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