First Generation means second is mediocre

Jonna Marie Mallillin
Alameda, CA

“First generation means second is mediocre” explains the stress immigrant parents put on their first generation children. People who immigrate to the states come for new opportunities. As a child of an immigrant, getting good grades, going to a good college, and getting a high paying job is the American dream these parents have put on us. Nothing but the best is expected from these parents because of the opportunity given to us. The sacrifices the parents gave for these new opportunities means that their expectations are higher. These parents may or may not have had the same opportunities, so they want their child to succeed but the push or drive they are giving to us children can be stressful. As a child, you can only wish that your best was good enough, but sometimes, it’s not. “First generation means second is mediocre” shows the stress of what I feel to reach these high expectations.

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