Gay is Not the New Black

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5 Responses to "Gay is Not the New Black"
  1. This is not about your religious beliefs, but about *civil* law. Within your particular religion/denomination, you’re free to believe anything you want…that Jews have horns, that white people are the invention of the devil…whatever. And remember that many “good white Christians” used their particular interpretation of Christianity to continue to oppress us.

    No…I most heartily say hat gay *is* the new black.

    And what we’re seeing now is equivalent to what we saw in the 60s…the dying throes of those opposed to their gaining full equality before the law.

    • Sameold says:

      You don’t,
      Don’t, as in, you
      get to think that I think that Jews have horns.
      Or to equate the ’60’s Civil Rights Movement with the present phenomenon, involving (a) that many more conspicuously white people with (b) that much money. Tell that to Mrs. Evers.
      Any more than I have any reason to think that you have the remotest resemblance to your avatar. Nice graphics, though.

  2. Sameold says:

    …Well, anyway, not unless you’re white, middle class, and pathologically hardwired to ignore the history of Black people in this country.
    …Right, did I forget something? And gay.
    This Is Not Good Enough.

  3. Terrie says:

    I would hope that gay is NOT the ‘new black’. I hope that gays receive and maintain a full measure of equality and humanity, in contrast to the black population which has mostly become a divided, marginalized group.

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