Being gay has taught me compassion.

Thomas Swinscoe
Akron, OH

I grew up in a time when being gay was even more of a challenge than it is today. As a white, male of English/German descent who was raised Christian, I have come to see my sexual identity as a gift. I believe much the insight and empathy I enjoy is a direct result of being a minority. I don’t think you have to be a minority to be empathetic or compassionate , but it sure made it easy for me! Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would have become were I not gay.

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5 Responses to "Being gay has taught me compassion."
  1. Jess McCormick says:

    You should read Andrew Soloman’s “Far From the Tree.” The message that really stood out to me is that people who are, or feel, different and isolated from others tend to have greater understanding and compassion. I have always had a deep empathy and understanding of others that most people didn’t have and wondered why. As I got older, I suspected that this was because I always felt different- I was an atheist in a community of Irish Catholics, an intellectual in a blue collar town, and a child in a (secretly) highly dysfunctional family.

    I agree with you about questioning what kind of person you would be if you weren’t gay. I think that if I hadn’t felt different and isolated most of my life, I would probably still be a compassionate person but would have less understanding. This understanding really helps me in relating to others and profoundly impacts my ability to help others as a social worker.

  2. Timothy says:

    Being Straight has taught me compassion.

  3. gheoghe says:

    you do you boo boo. done let anyone tell how to live your life!!! do whatever msles you happy.
    sincerely pimp daddy gheorghe

  4. sam says:

    true that gheorghe. do what ever u want, anything that gives you joy

  5. Raytavia Harris says:

    Its the hardships in life that make us stronger, and who we are today.
    Do what makes you happy.

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