George Zimmerman is someone’s son, too.

Cleveland, OH


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One Response to "George Zimmerman is someone’s son, too."
  1. Jaime Rodrigues says:

    Yes he is someone’s son, and so was Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. George Zimmerman very plainly chose to act as an enforcer of the law against explicit orders from dispatch. Perhaps he thought by pursuing and detaining Tryavon he might finally secure some kind of recognition in his life, or maybe he just doesn’t like black people. The sad truth is that neither of these alleged conclusions mean anything. We will never know. What we do know is that he killed an unarmed teenage black boy with a gun that he carried on his person as he pursued the boy against police orders. That’s what we know. I really don’t care that he is someone’s son. To me and to many in this country he’s a smug prick who got away with murder. But in America we put men like George Zimmerman in high office (see: Dick Cheney et al.). We are all tethered to the same ground. That ground will eat us all equally. That boy was so young. So Young.

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