German, Irish, Italian. Still Classified White

Nicole Miller
Highland, CA

Because I am German, does that Make me a Nazi??? Why do I always have to be related to Hitler??? People are cruel. Regardless of whether they know they are being cruel or not… I catch myself judging by race sometimes. I don’t mean to do it but the stereotypes are so in your face these days that it is hard to not have them pop up in your head when you see something happen. Asian women can’t drive, black people love watermelon (I love watermelon and I am white!), German people must be related to Hitler and are therefore communists and hate Jewish people etc… It is annoying and ridiculous to classify people this way because of the color of their skin…

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  • Jen

    It is unreal that these stereotypes are still so much in our faces but unfortunately it is. How do we eliminate these stereotypes other than to teach the ignorant that we are all human and all the same inside regardelss of what our exterior features look like.

  • Franczeska

    “German people must be related to Hitler and are therefore communists…”
    Hitler wasn’t a Communist.


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