Get ready, the future is brown

Alex Smailes

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6 Responses to "Get ready, the future is brown"
  1. Frank_DeScushin says:

    So you’re warning us about an upcoming uptick in crime and corruption and a downturn in academic achievement. Thank you for the warning, Alex, I appreciate it.

  2. Andy says:

    What do you mean by brown? I support interracial marriage and stuff like that, but that is very different from being against marriages that aren’t interracial. We need to live and let others live. Let others love who they want even if it isn’t interracial.

  3. Timothy says:

    go and re-think your life. people like you cause problems in todays society

    • Frank_DeScushin says:

      Tim, it’s not like my statement isn’t grounded in history and current events. We have numerous case studies throughout America and Europe of cities of areas that have converted from predominantly white to predominantly brown. Could you tell me the cities or areas that have made this conversion which did not see an uptick in crime and a decline in school achievement? No need to get defensive. Just a list of the areas.

  4. Jan says:

    I interpreted this to mean humanity will become more brown as global travel and communication increase, and therefore relationships with offspring also increase. No judgment involved. I wish I could time travel to 2200 AD to observe the colors and behaviors.

  5. slash345 says:


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