Goes both ways, fed by ignorance.

Bill Ramos
Jensen Beach, FL

I am Puerto Rican and can tell you that racism is not just a black and white problem. We need to see this issue through a more all-encompassing view. I am, as my mother described me, a “butterscotch” Puerto Rican. Not black as my grandfather nor as alabaster as my grandmother. I was raised with the same “rules” of life. No hands in pockets when we go into a store, never look at the police, don’t run in the street, don’t talk back to white people or they might call the police, etc… yet the conversation is still only black and white. As long as we address racism as only a black and white thing, we will never understand the magnitude of this nor that we who are somewhere between black and white face the same prejudices from both blacks and whites. Any talk on Racism must include the brown, yellow, and red men and women who also live in this world and are subject to the same racial tensions that too many think is only a black and white issue.

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2 Responses to "Goes both ways, fed by ignorance."
  1. Jason Martinez says:

    I feel that you are absolutely correct. There is some type of middle grounds between black and white that are effected by racism that people do not see. As for my self, I am Puerto Rican as well and I have dealt with some issues of racism that werent thoughts to me before. Individuals will not show their true colors because of the day and age that we live in along with state laws that restrict racism publicly but racism is true and alive.

  2. Guest says:

    I know what you mean .. I was a kid in the 60’s and am mixed race, mother very light, but self-identified as black, father dark with straight-ish hair also self identified as black. We were brought up as black, but truly we are a mix of black, native american, portuguese, german and french. I those days (at least where I was) you were either white or you weren’t, in which case you were black. As I result I was both part of white and black social circles, but still not part of them too. It was difficult for me to understand and cope. You’re right, race is not just black and white.

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