Grandma didn’t let dad speak Spanish

early90swickhamsAllen Nunez Wickham,
Molalla, OR.

I remember being asked by my mom at 5 years old if I wanted to learn Spanish., and replying that I didn’t want to. Only later did I realize later that people actually grew up speaking Spanish and English, and my dad’s inability to speak Spanish has greatly impacted my life.

Featured on NPR’s Morning Edition Segment: Living in Two Worlds but with Just One Language

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  1. barry irving says:

    …so true, My Grand kids are half Puerto Rican and half African American. Their father didn’t teach them Spanish and she would have if she had more contact with them. She is way passed taking care of young kids, So they have confusion because they think Puerto Ricans are European and one of the three is particularly Bright skinned. She expresses confusion about her nationality / ethnicity. She doesn’t see herself as Black..and she’s not, she’s African American / Hispanic, “Afro Latina” or Afro Hispanic. Those terms describe nationality / ethnicity / culture / genetics. People need to learn that this is not a Black / White world…people have ancestries that trump color casting!

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