Haitian Cuban fusion. Proud legacy continues.

MG_1887Suzette Chaumette,
San Leandro, CA.

We speak of ourselves as a Caribbean family. We teach our girls about the significance of the drum, Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture, Alexandre Petion, Hatuey, Anacaona, Jose Marti, and more. We love celebrating our respective cultures, which are unique, but also our similar backgrounds as Taino, Arawak, African, French and Spanish.

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  • christopherallen

    gorgeous family! thanks for sharing.

  • barry irving

    …Great Job…I’m a drummer, Culture matters, the Drum is powerful for us within the total culture when we embrace it!

  • Gregory Bennett

    My wife and I recently enjoyed a traveling exhibit by Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) at the Cleveland Museum of Art. His series of paintings on l’Ouverture is owned by the Amistad Research Center in New Orleans.

  • Elaine

    Such a beautiful family! Just Gorgeous!


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