Haole? My ancestors were hurt too.

Kim Kime,
Hilo, HI.

People seem to think, at least where I live in Hilo Hawaii, that white means money and a background with out hurt. They forget that many whom came to america came here to get away from racism, abuse, war, and or fame. I am Irish, I know my peoples pasts. It was filled with the theft of a culture, a language and an entire belief system. Willful starvation, rape, theft, death and even slavery and this, all fairly recently. But mos never hear about it. Because the Irish are white. White people can’t be hurt or have had bad things happen to them.

I know Irish are not the only race that has been hurt badly. I know that this happens to all people, so why can we not just see people for whom they are today? What THEY do. How THEY treat people?

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