Hard to fathom the ugliness then

Tim Clark
Seguin, TX

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One Response to "Hard to fathom the ugliness then"
  1. Emmadelle says:

    Yes, it is hard to fathom the ugliness then. I grew up (white) in Greensboro NC, during the time of the civil rights sit-ins. It was an apartheid society. However, my parents were actively opposed to segregation and taught me the same. Looking back, I wonder, why didn’t the whole city explode into flames and violence? I think we avoided violence and bloodshed only because African-American leadership was strong and committed to MLK’s non-violent philosophy. A secondary factor might also have been the Quaker influence in Greensboro. There were powerful whites who had grown up in the Quaker tradition of inclusiveness and peace. At that time, all these folks worked behind the scenes to prevent a powder keg from blowing.

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