I hate being called white girl

Alexa Fay,
Seattle, WA.

I dance at a predominately black dance studio, and anyone who sees my friends there is quick to point out that I look different from everyone else. I wish they cared more about my personality than my skin color.

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2 Responses to "I hate being called white girl"
  1. Francisco Rendon says:

    But of course, had the situation been a black girl in a school of mostly dancing white girls, and they addressed her as “black girl” every day, riots the size of ferguson’ would emerge. Online at least. The point is, it is never ok to call someone by anything other than their name unless you know the person on such a friendly level. I say speak up for yourself girl! Next time they call you “white girl” say “my name is ____. Please call me by my name.”

  2. Stacy Lucking says:

    Well, now you know how it feels to be the minority. Not saying it’s right but you can find a way to way to make it positive vs a negative.

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