He couldn’t get away with this

Tracy Audette
Brooklyn Park, MN

My awareness as our son’s bus driver (black male) watched me (upper-middle class white woman) chew out a police officer (white male) in the parking lot of our school. Long story. It was justified!

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2 Responses to "He couldn’t get away with this"
  1. Frances Perkins says:

    In Los Angeles years ago I kept an open house for many foreign visitors considering relocation.  They were often astounded at how freely I tackled police misconduct in various matters.  Once I even marched into the police station and raised hell with the top dog right in front of God and everybody.  It’s not why I did this, but being a tiny little white Irish American lady had EVERYTHING to do with why I got away with it.  That and what I learned from the Civil Rights Movement:  if the cops threaten to arrest you, smile sweetly, hold out your hands to be cuffed, and say with polite relish that your friends will notify the tv stations before calling your lawyer.  Can’t tell you how many scrapes that got me out of.  And you can’t bluff – you have to mean it.  That is the one and only time I’m willing to knowingly trade on my undeniable privilege – in humble service to a greater cause.

  2. Heather O. says:

    Thank you for your awareness. I agree with Frances – that is the only time that I (consciously) use my “privilege.”

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