Hispanic chick doesn’t speak Spanish, WHAT?

image7Cynthia Deras,

Are you hispanic? Why don’t you speak spanish? What part of Mexico are your parents from? Say something in Spanish! Your not really Mexican if you dont speak spanish. Basically thats the reaction I get from the latino community when someone finds out I dont speak Spanish. I lost Spanish as a child can only remember in 5th grade trying to speak it again only to get ridiculed when i didn’t speak spanish properly, sounding more like a tourist. My single mom raised us 2 kids in georgia and we didnt have any one else to our family locally. Mom was always working and i dont blame her she didnt have time or energy to MAKE US speak Spanish, english just happened and it stuck. Unfortunatly the hispanic community didnt really accept me and it hurt before but I’ve gotten over that Today, I’m no longer afraid or ashamed of these questions like I was as young girl. Ive decided I DONT have to give ppl my whole life story to everyone who doubts my race and language. I am me, and my language doesnt define who I am.

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  1. EmitRendered says:

    Lol I get the opposite reaction I’m hispanic and white and even though I speak spanish and was raised with mexican culture I’m not “mexican enough”. Instead of the anger my mexican coworkers are met with when they can’t speak spanish, I get this weird sort of praise that says even though you speak the language, you still can’t sit with us.

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