Are you Hispanic, or just Italian?

two-kinds-of-peopleRachel Masilamani,
Pittsburgh, PA.

I was eating lunch alone in the break room on my first day at an office job when 3 of my new co-workers peeked in. “Are you Hispanic, or just Italian?” one of them blurted out.
Neither, actually.
This lady just laid down her line for White and Not White and asked me to place myself on the correct side. Happens all the time.

We have to acknowledge that this country was built on racism, and it grows crooked and twisted as a result. When we can all see that and admit that, we can finally move to step 2.
Q: Am I going to tell this lady that? A: Sometimes.

I wanted to share the attached comic I made almost 10 years ago. I meant for this to be my “last word” on race in the United States…good luck with that, right? I’m enjoying this project – Thanks for your work!

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