Kwende Idrissa Madu
Russellville, AL


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6 Responses to "History; NEVER TRUST A WHITE MAN!"
  1. John Baker says:

    We outnumber you three to one. Bring it on.

  2. WhiteAndDaMan says:

    Always a racist cunt here illegally

  3. Black ancestors sold their own into slavery. First legally recognized slave was owned by a black man. Obama gets in largely on race, and he’s not genetically black. Not to mention the huge womens’ rights abuses that still take place in Middle Eastern nations. White people don’t cause as many problems as this guy constantly lets on — but he’ll never let you know that because he wants you to believe his bias. He wants you to trust him. Never trust anyone. Especially if he is a racist who regularly voices this kind of thing on a site that’s supposed to be open to comfortable discussion. Kwende, you sicken me.

  4. Joe Slattermill says:

    Nobody should trust White Men but White Men. It’s long since time we took care of our own, and leave the rest to their own devices.

  5. Stoptheracism says:

    by making a post like this you are being worse than any “white man.” If you know what its like to be hurt and discriminated against, why not be the better man and change peoples view on races instead of adding fuel to the fire?

  6. dddddd says:

    I would agree never trust is white person.. unless they demenstrated they can be trusted. since white people run courts systems black go to jail for lesser crimes and get more time I no beacueI now have a criminal record.. Stealing my child toy…

    A black woman should never trust never trust a white man however Paula bellesen does and even gave her grandfather ring to a white man and he af course kept it… Never trust white people and try your best to stay out there redar and legal system they are the devil

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